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Users can now set the aspect ratio of the photos they share.

A huge change comes to Instagram

A huge change comes to Instagram

When you sync your mobile device today, there will be an update to Instagram. Nothing crazy about that. Every day one of the million apps on your device has an update but this one will forever change our beloved Instagram. No longer are our amazing photos crammed into the square. They have been freed. Instagram


A world of possibilities in the palm of your hand

Olloclip 4-in-1 lens turns your iPhone into a professional camera In this age of the iPhone, everyone has a good camera in their pocket to captures those every day “moments”. It seems like everyone on the planet is constantly taking photos. From selfies to Grandma’s birthday, we all have good digit cameras where ever we


Upcoming Tech: 3DSimo Mini – The Must Have Tool for Makers

3D printer, soldering tool, burning tool and foam cutter all rolled into one Creators, inventors and designers need tools to bring their ideas to reality, which means multiple tools will be needed in this process. 3DSimo combines a 3D printing pen, solder pen, foam Cutting tool, burning tool and a battery pack into a compact


An affordable alternative to Google Glasses

Vufine, Inc. has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of bring their easy-to-use, wearable display to the masses. Unlike other smart glass technology, Vufine is a wearable display, not a computer, which attaches to any pair of glasses by using a magnetic docking station. Vufine plugs in to a wide variety of devices with

Mountain Biking Down Hill

ProGearX launches line of GoPro mounts and accessories

ProGearX has launched a new line of affordable GoPro mounts and accessories. The new ProGearX line allows you to mount and extend GoPro (and other action cams) to almost everything you can imagine: your head, chest, shoulders, poles, surfboards, handle bars, boats, seats, skis, etc., for the ultimate in action photography. ProGearX products include the


Relive historical events of Colonial Boston in Ninja Time Pirates

HappyGiant, a developer and publisher of videogames, is celebrating July 4th by adding several major new features to its popular Ninja Time Pirates game, including multiplayer “Time Raids”, allowing friends to set up their “Time Base” and raid other players, as they jump through parallel universes. In addition, players can travel back to Colonial Boston

Fun, educational apps can help prevent "brain-drain" during your child's summer vacation.

5 apps to help your kids battle the summertime brain-drain

Summer is here, school is out, and your kids are more connected to their electronics than ever. By recommending the right apps for your kids, they’ll get more out of their play time without even realizing they’re learning skills such as creativity and expression. So what are the best free phone apps for youngsters during


Osmo — The first gaming device that brings kids back into the real world of playing and thinking outside the box

Company Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund a New Entertainment & Educational Experience with a Proprietary Reflective Artificial Intelligence PALO ALTO, Calif. –  You see it every day – kids that look like digital zombies hunched over, glued to their smartphones and tablets, isolated and disengaged from the world watching videos or playing games. But what