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Les Sampou at Sandywoods

Les Sampou at Sandywoods

Les Sampou writes and sings Americana music that’s full of twang and blues. She has a passionate, rockabilly-blues edge that lifts your spirits high, followed by ballads that dig into your soul like few artists can. WHERE: Sandywoods, 43 Muse Way, Tiverton WHEN: Saturday, May 24; 8 p.m. COST: $18 advance, $20 at the door


Osmo — The first gaming device that brings kids back into the real world of playing and thinking outside the box

Company Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund a New Entertainment & Educational Experience with a Proprietary Reflective Artificial Intelligence PALO ALTO, Calif. –  You see it every day – kids that look like digital zombies hunched over, glued to their smartphones and tablets, isolated and disengaged from the world watching videos or playing games. But what


‘Ghosts of Newport’ opening

Blink Gallery will host a special exhibition of Neal Sheldon Salisbury’s “Ghosts of Newport” series; a labor of love for Salisbury since 2012 when he began shooting Newport women in identifiable Newport landmarks and locations. “This is more of bucolic way to look at the history of the island,” Salisbury says. “When I look at


Grace Morrison & The RSO and The Whiskey Boys

Grace & The RSO use bluegrass and folk instrumentation, such as banjo, accordion, mandolin, upright bass, and violin. The band is rooted in the traditional sense with their instruments and their songs’ subject matter, but they have plenty of modern flair that breathes new life into their Renaissance-inspired music. The Whiskey Boys are a Boston-based