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Editorial: Mooring mischief

The latest evidence that you can’t take your eyes off some lawmakers for even a moment comes in the form of Rhode Island House bill H5257. Submitted by two legislators, one from Providence, the other from Warwick, this beauty would plunge the state headlong into the boat mooring business. Most or all of the state’s

Letter: Residents can have say on revaluation process

Bristol is conducting a “statistical update” of assessment for properties. This will provide a fair distribution of obligations for supporting the town of Bristol through real estate taxation. Last year’s job was defective, so we now repeat the process to get it right. Toward this end, the Town Council, administrator, treasurer and tax assessor have

Violet: And the verdict is….!

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee….With the Republican presidential sweepstakes about to blow wide open, many political pundits are already doing a post-mortem on President Barack Obama’s legacy. Usually the writer (including this one) hedges an opinion by dragging out the old saw that only history will be the judge. Once 50 years

Credit: Kristen Green

Witchy winter bloomers on the wish list

When I spoke before about being underwhelmed by winter, I probably should have knocked wood. Not that I feel powerful enough to conjure a blizzard, and not that I minded. As storms go, this one (are we calling it Juno?) struck a sublime balance between excitement and compulsory coziness. I wasn’t the least bit inconvenienced