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Letter: Why Portsmouth left special ed collaborative

Note: This is a transcript of remarks made by School Committee Vice Chairwoman Emily Copeland at the committee’s Nov. 5 meeting. It refers to a Nov. 3 meeting of the Newport County Regional Special Education Local Advisory Committee, at which Superintendent of Schools Ana Riley talked to parents about the reasons behind Portsmouth’s withdrawal from

Shallow water tautog: Capt. Monti caught this eighth pound, 23” tautog, in 14’ of water at General Rock, North Kingstown, however, the fish have now moved to deeper water.

Tautog bite getting stronger

The tautog bite is on. Good sized fish are being caught off Newport in water up to 70 feet to the Sakonnet River and along the southern coastal shore. Reports of tautog in deeper water started to come in last week, prior to that the bite was restricted to shallow water and anglers were catching

Will new leaders serve the common good?

By the time you read this most of you will know who your newly elected representatives are. With each election cycle citizens are reminded of their own civic responsibility which is discharged by the simple act of voting, while the successful candidates will have to put their money where their mouths are. Query whether Rhode

The ballgame is over

Leaving Fenway at the end of the season can be a depressing experience. Several years ago I stayed for the last out of the last game not because they were headed to the playoffs but just to be there at the end. It was cold, they lost the game and that mood numbing song “hum

Vote yes to a Constitutional Convention

“Creating jobs” seems to be the catch-all phrase during this election as candidates vie for statewide and local office. Imagine for a moment, though, that you are an outsider potentially looking for a place to plant your firm or manufacturing facility. When you look at Rhode Island, what would be the first thing that you