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Editorial: Trust is strength

Public trust is an essential ingredient in an effective government. Residents need to know their leaders are working in their best interests in order for the town and its people to thrive. The best way to do so is to keep tabs on government leaders. When business is conducted in the light of day, there

Stop the destruction

Last week I wrote  about how Congress and the President have only exacerbated the problem of immigration and have defaulted on their   obligations, which have led to frustrated citizens vetting their anger at children and mothers crossing the border. I was reminded by a reader of the remarks made by former Governor **** Lamm on

Bass bite strong: Last week Frank Correia, Bryan Hennessey, Dennis Leonti, Paul Ferreira and Chris Correia of Bristol landed bass to 40 pounds at Block Island.

No Fluke

Get ready for furious runs It’s the middle of the fishing season and it’s time to start thinking about bonito and false albacore. Last year few false albacore were around but local anglers caught their share of bonito. Both of these species are hard to catch, but have thrilled local fishermen with their furious runs,