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A career-altering error

When I look at the deep snow outside my window, it’s hard to imagine that baseball will be back in New England in just six short weeks, but I really can’t wait. The 2015 season is going to be an interesting one for local fans whether they root for the Red Sox or the Yankees.

Letter: Mall backers would ruin Tiverton plan, zoning

To the editor: Carpionato is proposing radical amendments to the Tiverton Comprehensive Community Plan to accomodate its 66-acre mega-development. They’ve rewritten entire clauses to suit their wants. They’re out to create a “large-scale mixed-use development zone” that will completely divide north/south Tiverton, while wreaking havoc on local businesses and traffic. Fish Road has hundreds of


A chair fit for a pilgrim

Q: I volunteer at a local the preservation society and someone recently donated this chair to the museum. It looks like a Pilgrim chair and on the back is stamped “Governor Carver 1620.” No one knows anything about it. Can you help? A: This style chair is referred to as a “Governor Carver chair” named

Speak-out: Prompt plows, slow cops

I just want to thank and compliment the hard work of the Bristol Public Works Department. All too often these days, public employees are not given the credit they deserve. But I travel throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and I have to say that no town compares to Bristol. I live in Mesa Farms and

Appy Valentine’s Day

Call it a “Hallmark holiday” if you like, but don’t be caught empty handed. Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is here and your smartphone and this list of apps might be your key to making the most of this once a year romantic ritual. •    30 Day Relationship Do you think you could do

Hunker down during a storm?

I just returned from a vacation and luckily missed all the snow and bitter cold. While in the Charlotte airport I ran into Rhode Islanders who brought up Governor Gina Raimondo‘s use of the expression, “hunker down” as an admonition during the snowstorm. They got a kick out of it as did I. Governor Raimondo