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Letter: Come walk with us against Alzheimer’s

To the editor: The beginning of fall marks an annual event that is very special to me and my family, the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Walk to End Alzheimer’s.” This event raises money to support Alzheimer’s patient and caregiver services for the millions of families affected by this disease and also to help fund research to find

Letter: I was bullied and pressured at the polls

To the editor: Voting at Libby Lane for the primaries last week I experienced a very biased pressure, inside the polling place, to “Vote for five” Warren Town Council candidates, when it is NOT a requirement. The pressure came from a poll worker, who should be informed and supportive on the legalities, procedures and etiquette of

Letter: How will towns pay for new teacher contract?

The Sept. 11 Bristol Phoenix article on the new teacher’s contract discussed the cost of the contract, but disappointingly did not discuss how it would be paid for. The annual increases of $350,000 for each of the next three years are cumulative and permanent. In three years, they will have added $1,050,000 to the school budget forevermore.

Letter: You can recycle cardboard. Here’s how

To the editor: Here’s a quick easy tip on how to recycle corrugated cardboard taken from the RIRRC “Recyclopedia”: Recycle in your existing, city or town-approved recycling bin, cart, or box. All cardboard must be flattened. We can accept pieces as large as 6 feet by 6 feet, however, check for local dimensional restrictions. Larger

Think (and consult) before you gift

Many people consider gifting assets to children and grandchildren to reduce estate tax and protect assets from the cost of long term care.  Gifting assets is a significant decision because through the gift, you relinquish control of the assets. For this and other reasons, before you gift consider the following: •     Your Needs. Will


Trash or treasure: message in a bottle

Q. I came across this blue bottle that was most likely dug up in Newport. I am most curious about what it is and where it is from. The bottle is in near-perfect condition. Is it worth anything? A. Your blue bottle is a seltzer or soda bottle from the early 1900’s. It is most

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