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Limoges of….Ohio?

Q. I have a pitcher and basin set that has descended in our family. It has a mark on the bottom stamped ”Limoges.” Is this from France and is it valuable? A. Limoges porcelain has been around since the 19th century and pieces marked “Limoges” are not necessarily from the same maker. Limoges is a

‘Arts and innovation’ raises funds for education foundation

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” The Bristol Warren Education Foundation started the academic year with this quote from Leonardo da Vinci. We knew that when we selected “Arts and Innovation” as the theme for the 7th annual Bodacious Bee, there was no greater model of the inspirational and entrepreneurial spirit than da Vinci himself. Lisa

Is it a strikeout or a home run?

So, 10 of the richest men who live in New England want to build a baseball stadium in downtown Providence. Some of them, like Jim Skeffington, Terry Murray and Tom Ryan, made millions of dollars from Rhode Islanders so it’s good that they are happy to pay back the community for its largesse to them.

"Canyon Fever", a new fishing adventure book, was released last month by Capt. Denny Dillon of the f/v Persuader II, Pt. Judith. Local expert angler Susan Lema illustrated the book.

No Fluke: Time to get your gear ready

A sure way to shed those winter blues is to get your fishing gear ready for the fishing season. It gives me great joy to organize my tackle, respool reels and get everything ready for freshwater opening day in April, saltwater spring tautog, and striped bass fishing. As I prepare, I dream about the big

Time to clear the Fox(es) from the henhouse

The return of baseball — at least to the lush-looking diamonds of Florida — is always good news. It means that “there’s always next year” is now “this year” and that we can count down the days until we’ve got real games in Pawtucket and Boston to enjoy. Unfortunately, the other news this week seems