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Editorial: Teacher contract: Numbers please

Towns and public employee unions have a peculiar way of drumming up public support when contract talks go badly. ‘It’s none of your business what we are asking/offering — just trust us. We’re the ones being reasonable.’ Such is the case in the contract showdown between Westport teachers and the school committee. Teachers accuse the

Harry (11) and his brother Jameson Hogan-Shaw (7) with a sack of summer flounder, sea bass and sea robin filets they caught while fishing with grandparents Mary Shaw and Bruce Bowen.

No Fluke

Where’s the bite Ernie Beckwith of Connecticut fly fished for bonito and false albacore Thursday in front of Nappatree Point, Westerly.  Ernie said “The fish weren’t very finicky Thursday, there were good numbers of them and before you knew it I boated three false albacore and two small bonito.” Reports of false albacore have been

What’s the point?

If I asked you if the 4 Democratic gubernatorial candidates had any policy differences, wouldn’t you say yes?  Similarly, were there any position differences between Republicans Ken Block and Alan Fung? Of course there were. That’s why it’s disingenuous to expect that those who lost the race should automatically give an imprimatur to the standard

Can’t I feed dog food…to my dog?

Dear Dr. Evans, A friend of mine is gluten-intolerant and just switched his dog to gluten-free dog food. He can’t say enough about how glossy her coat is, how she gobbles it down, etc. The thing is, her coat was pretty glossy all along and, seeing that she is a Lab, she pretty much gobbles anything

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