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Summer: not even close to over

How can it be the beginning of August already? Maybe the weather hasn’t been quite hot enough yet (how nice to be spared a horrendous heatwave, knock on wood) or maybe I haven’t been to the beach the requisite number of times to render winter the distant memory it should be by now, because the

epodunk.com is a great site to check before taking a trip. You get a historic postcard of the town, a map, geographic features, population, crime rates, well-known residents, churches, libraries, museums, cemeteries and other useful tidbits.

Tips for genealogical research trips this summer

By Lynda Rego I was hoping to have time for a research trip or two this summer. Just to towns in New England. A couple of previous trips taught me what to do — and not do. First things first Obviously, the more research you do in advance, the more productive the trip will be.

Poseurs and poppycock = politicians

Poseur: A person who pretends to be what he or she is not; or a person who attempts to impress others by assuming an affect or sentiment other than his or her true feeling. Do you know any poseurs? Here are who should be high on your list, namely, those phonies who populate the White


Shaving mugs and vintage silver

Q. My great uncle collected shaving mugs. Some have pictures of cars on them; some just have names elaborately painted on them. Markings on the bottoms include “Felda China Germany,” Royal China International and T &V Limoges. Could you tell me anything about them and what they may be worth? A. Shaving mugs, made in