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Score one for the terrorists

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris, much of the world has responded with one voice, saying “Je Suis Charlie” in support of those journalists who were murdered by radicalized Muslim terrorists. Nearly four million people walked with leaders from around the world in a unity march. Those leaders included British Prime Minister

Tiverton Glen would produce traffic misery

To the editor: Along with the 64-acre complex they hope to build in Tiverton, the Carpionato Group promises to make numerous roadway “improvements,” but Tiverton residents stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic will likely come up with more colorful phrases to describe the changes. According to the developer’s own traffic study, the complex will generate an average

Garden notes bring order to the march of time

I can hardly believe it’s a new year already. It feels like mere days rather than twelve months since I waxed rhapsodic about visiting greenhouses and using candlelight to cozy winter’s dark nights. And I remember bemoaning the lateness of spring as if summer never happened. Time seems to stretch in winter like a rubber


No mercy for pedophile Jesse Perry

Former Bristol man Jesse Perry took the stand in his own defense Monday, trying to paint himself as a loving mentor and father figure who wanted nothing but the best for the young boys in his care. That, as a prominent youth sports coach in Bristol for many years, is what he was supposed to

Community steps up to support Mount Hope Farm

In 2010, the Bristol Town Council agreed to support the future of Mount Hope Farm through the approval of a loan in the amount of $200,000. The loan provided critical funding for the farm and highlighted the town’s commitment to the property’s history and its eye towards the future. Successful leaders say effective change happens in