Letters to the Editor articles

Tiverton should wonder who will live at Crossings

To the editor: If the hearing August 19 at Tiverton High School concerning the Tiverton Crossings project is any barometer, about 90 percent of residents oppose the idea and hope to preserve Tiverton’s small town character. Another thing Tiverton residents — and residents of any community considering such a project —need, unfortunately, to consider, is

Stanley responds to building official funding controversy

The Council recently voted to authorize an over expenditure to restore the Building Official position to full-time. This ensures the public’s general welfare, health, safety and financial interests. This informed decision fulfills our oath of office and ultimately embraces the will of the people.  It protects residents from improperly performed construction, upholds minimum housing standards,

Little Compton school committee should encourage public input

To the Editor: I attended a recent Little Compton Town Council meeting where public comment was allowed and encouraged after each agenda item was discussed. Anyone in attendance who wished to speak simply raised his or her hand. Council members listened politely, sometimes responding, and always thanking the speaker for his or her comments. At

Why a $5,000 bonus for Little Compton school superintendent?

To the editor: Among the surprises at the Little Compton School Committee meeting last Wednesday, August 13, was the award of a $5000 bonus to the Superintendent along with a 2% raise and continuation of her contract. The rationale for the bonus was unclear and, because audience comments were limited to a period prior to

Bridge in dire need of a summer cleaning

To the editor, Does the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority no longer have any funding available for the maintenance of Mount Hope Bridge? Is it awaiting a subsidy from the state? This bridge is one the oldest spans across an extended water surface in the state. This bridge needs annual preventive maintenance to preserve this vital

Letter: Endorsements pollute the polling booth

To the editor: Recently on the town’s website I viewed the sample primary ballot, with its stars alongside several candidates’ names denoting “party endorsed.” Standard dictionaries define “endorse” as “to approve, support, or sustain.” I don’t know election law but it seems to me that endorsing or in any way showing bias or favoritism to

Fond memories of Chi Chi Cirillo, a good man

To the editor: My neighbor and friend Chi Chi Cirillo died this week. It feels like a milestone era in Bristol’s history has come to an end. I have been interested to read a few words people have written about Chi Chi this week and to learn all the nice things people thought about him.

Rules necessary to rein in rude school audience

To the editor: It appears to be open season on the Little Compton school committee and administration.  Letter after letter in this newspaper paints a picture of an evil school committee and administration bent on destroying our children’s education, firing teachers, wasting money, and conducting themselves badly at school committee meetings. That’s strange. I attend