Letters to the Editor articles

Letter: God bless Barrington High Jazz band

To the editor: Barrington High School music teacher Barbara Hughes reveals remarkable audacity encouraging her pupils to play “jazz” on ‘trumpets’, ‘saxophones,’ ‘clarinets’ and other instruments. These new musicians will leave the high school to enter a culture dominated by drums, guitars and stagecraft requiring pyrotechnics, acrobatics and other gear to produce the noise that is today’s

Letter: Bristol must address recycling deficiencies

To the Editor: We want to inform Bristol residents that the Bristol Recycles committee has not been hibernating all winter, and provide an update of the things we’ve been working on. First, Bristol’s “Eco-Depot Day” has been confirmed for Saturday, July 11. This is the day you may bring your hazardous materials (paint, etc.) to

Letter: Tax assessment fair play is our goal

To the editor: We are writing in response to “Buzzy” Baron’s letter to the editor in the February 26, 2015 edition of the Westport Shorelines mischaracterizing our recent letter to the Westport Board of Selectmen (BOS) about the town’s property tax assessment practices. Our letter was read into the record and a copy was forwarded