Letters to the Editor articles

Thunderhead magic from far out at sea

To the editor: On June 19, I encountered an ocean light phenomenon off Little Compton that I haven’t seen in the 60 years I’ve been staring out at the ocean in these parts. It was a flashing band of white light at the ocean horizon.  Very thin in elevation, and parallel to the horizon, and

Letter: School Committee double faults on students, public

To the Editor, Last year boys’ varsity tennis was taken from the spring sports docket to add boys’ varsity volleyball at Mt. Hope High School. Which sport is more important? No one can determine that. The important theme is that all children should have an opportunity to participate in varsity sports. At the School Committee

Letter: East Bay at risk without second water supply

Recently there has been press attention relative to the Bristol County Water Authority’s interest and activity to secure an additional supply of water and end its total dependence on a 16-year-old pipeline under the Providence River. The Board of Directors of the BCWA thought it was important to again communicate its position on this issue.