Letters to the Editor articles

Letter: Tiverton shouldn’t change its plan to please developer

To the editor: The proposed Tiverton Glen development presents a number of concerns for many, especially those who value Tiverton’s small-town nature. More troubling is the process attempting to circumvent the town’s defining Comprehensive Plan to permit this specific development. The facts are clear. Tiverton Glen is a 60-plus-acre development that indisputably runs counter to

Rocky road toward a balanced budget in Warren

To the editor: Participating in my first budget session as a member of the Warren Town Council has been interesting and also challenging. I realize many pre-existing and binding financial commitments within our budget don’t allow much flexibility. Considering last year’s substantial yet unavoidable tax hike, I came to the table with the goal to

Letter: Warren council to blame for WaterRower delays

To the editor: As candidates, the present town council members pledged to bring new business and expand the present businesses in town.  Wrightman Investments LLC (Water Rower) has submitted a request for a zone change so they can erect a new building to support their increase in production.  This new building will come with an