Letters to the Editor articles

Letter: Support Tiverton Budget #1

Eleven years ago when we began working on budgets together, the local tax cap was 5.5%, which we both believe, was too high. Then it went down gradually every year until it reached its current level of 4%. During that time, we along with members of the School Committee have worked hard with the Budget

The case for sewers in Tiverton

By Leroy E. Kendricks Board chairman, Tiverton Wastewater Management Commission Wastewater management is one of the most critical regional concerns affecting Tiverton. Groundwater from non-compliant and failing septic systems and cesspools carries bacteria and excessive amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen into our coastal waters, ruining the ecology of our bay, and threatening the beauty, health

Letter: Writer’s case against marijuana legalization flawed

To the editor: A recent letter by Ms. Kathleen Melvin of the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition asserts that legalization of marijuana would be “the last nail in the coffin” of Rhode Island, but bases her argument on religious bigotry, partisan politics and mischaracterized science. Referencing a story in the Providence Journal (“Church that uses marijuana to