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Does school district need two top administrators?

The Bristol Warren Assistant Superintendent is tasked with many duties, especially having to do with curriculum, including chairing the Curriculum Committee, applying for curriculum-related grants, supervising pre-K curriculum, etc. The assistant superintendent is also something of a vice president, who can fill the superintendent’s shoes when necessary and, ultimately, replace the school chief when he

Tax man rebuffed

A Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling in the ‘Hawley case’ is welcome news for all who appreciate the importance of protecting our diminishing supply of open land. The judges ruled that the little Berkshires town of Hawley had no business sending a land trust a $173 property tax bill for some forest it holds. The cash-strapped

Editorial: Bridging the gap

One of the main arguments made against tolls on the new Sakonnet River Bridge — other than the negative impact on businesses and the inherent unfairness of having one region shoulder the bulk of the cost of maintaining state structures — has been that Rhode Island shouldn’t increase tolls while it lacks a funding formula

Editorial: Reval redo

Property revaluations are almost always met with complaints from homeowners facing higher tax bills because the town determined their property is worth more, and therefore is subject to higher property taxes. But this year’s Bristol revaluation has gone well beyond complaints from a few homeowners hesitant to write the government a larger check. The “wild

Editorial: Sing out for the water

Pete Seeger was a champion of many causes but was perhaps most passionate about restoring polluted waterways. Aboard the sloop Clearwater, he drew attention to the the damage done to his beloved Hudson River, work that contributed not only to a cleaner Hudson, but to the eventual passage of the Clean Water Act. Which is

Editorial — Fool’s paradise

It wasn’t so many months ago that Rhode Island found religion when it came to unsustainable pensions and bloated contracts. Those pensions had pushed one city into bankruptcy, others weren’t far off, and the entire employee pension system was on the brink. It was all finally enough to convince the legislature and even reluctant unions

Libraries: The best deal in town

Where can you get help with a research question, find an obscure experimental film that’s not available through Netflix or Redbox, hear an Irish music concert, learn the origins of your family name and watch your kids compete in a Lego-building contest? You’ll notice that we didn’t even mention books. These days, your local library

Consider seven-member planning board in Warren

  The wariness is understandable. But given Warren’s dearth of volunteers, an idea brought up to reduce the number of planning board members from nine to seven (page 4) might bear further consideration. While the town couldn’t run without its volunteers, there are shortages on some boards that have gone, in some cases, months without

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