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Editorial: The public landlord

Editorial: The public landlord

Before it launches into any venture outside the scope of traditional municipal services (like fire protection, public safety or trash hauling), the Town of Bristol should seriously consider whether the project belongs in private hands. Such might be the case at Byfield, Reynolds and any other empty school buildings, as town leaders consider what to

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Editorial: In East Providence, politics is a full contact sport for sure

Someone famously and quite rightly once said, “Politics, like football, is a full contact sport.” It is, even to those perceived to be on the periphery of the profession, a person, for instance, like now former East Providence City Manager Peter Graczykowski. Mr. Graczykowski was unceremoniously removed from his position by the City Council on

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Editorial: Recycling isn’t that hard. Really.

If it’s plastic, paper or even cardboard, don’t put it in the trash can. Despite the ease, Bristol ranks as the ninth worst in the state in recycling. The town may not hold the best recycling rates, but it’s not for lack of trying. Town officials have established a committee, Bristol Recycles, to address the


Editorial: Stop the violence, now

October is a month set aside to raise awareness for many noteworthy causes. While we’d like to elaborate of all of them, we believe there is one in particular that warrants an in-depth mention: Domestic violence. Next Wednesday, churches in Bristol and Newport counties will unite together in an event called Ring the Bells to

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Editorial: East Providence City Council makes mostly correct choices in constructing budget

The East Providence City Council all but buttoned up the process of putting together the Fiscal Year Budget for 2013-14 over the last week, doing so with a mostly satisfactory result for the taxpayers and residents of our fine municipality. The Council deserves great credit for remaining very much true to the five-year plan the

Editorial: Tunnel travel

Given their claims that the road and bridge repair fund has run dry thus tolls are needed, a recent spelunking adventure by the Rhode Island governor and his Department of Transportation was oddly timed. Gov. Chafee and DOT officials toured the long-abandoned Providence railroad tunnel to check its condition and imagine future uses. They liked


Editorial: Region will be well rid of coal plant

If it actually comes to pass, news that coal-fired Brayton Point Power Station will shut down arrives as a breath of fresh October air to the towns within range of its stacks. The plant, described by the EPA as the most toxic polluter of air in New England, has been a blight on the region

Get Tourister talk off on the right foot

Monday marks the first public meeting on a plan by New Hampshire-based group Brady Sullivan to redevelop the so-called American Tourister plant. Meredith Management, which walked away five years ago after a long, contentious battle with some in town over the plant’s future, should be a lesson. Brady Sullivan officials haven’t said anything about their