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Editorial: 2014 in Bristol: Looking ahead..

Editorial: 2014 in Bristol: Looking ahead..

A new year is a time for new beginnings. As we look ahead to 2014, here’s our short wish list for the coming year: Closure for the victims and families affected by alleged sexual molestation by the Perry brothers over a couple of decades. A public/private partnership to manage the newly-created community center near the

Trash talkers

Jewelry maker Alex & Ani was smart to steer a path well clear of the mud-fight between unions and a Providence talk show host. The unions had demanded that companies yank their ads from WPRO after crude remarks by radio host John DePetro. “We have no dog in this fight. We don’t understand why we

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The war on drugs

Critics are questioning the validity of a statewide report showing that Bristol and Warren school students are among the most frequent users of drugs and alcohol in the state of Rhode Island. Their arguments don’t have merit. If some group of students at Mt. Hope High School and Kickemuit Middle School skewed the self-reported survey

A snowy owl carries prey — a ring-billed gull it had captured — near Baker's Beach in Westport. Observers say that owls seem to be targeting birds here — gulls, American black duck, bufflehead and others. PAUL CHAMPLIN PHOTO

Owls need elbow room

The recent visit by snowy owls is a rare treat, one to enjoy from a distance. These are beautiful birds, far from their Arctic home. The fact that they are here suggests all is not well with these owls. Experts think they’ve headed south because their normal food supply — mostly Arctic lemmings — has

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Editorial: A place to rest

Weddings and Roger Williams University bring thousands of visitors to Bristol 12 months per year, but very few of those visitors stay here. There aren’t enough beds. When they drive off, those visitors take their wallets, purses and appetites with them. It’s been this way for at least a decade, as Roger Williams has become

Editorial: One family to another

It’s disconcerting news when the town’s grocery store gets sold. Change in such cases is not always good. But for shoppers and employees of Lees Market in Westport, there’s reason to suspect that life will go on — that the world as we know it hasn’t been knocked for a loop. Albert Lees III announced

Editorial: Bingo before basketball

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them from coming to me.” That no-conditions spirit apparently did not weigh heavily in a recent decision by Westport’s Our Lady of Grace Church to evict young basketball teams from the church’s parish hall court. The parish priest said he banned the

Editorial: Sandywoods — Say it ain’t so!

It was startling and sad to learn that Sandywoods in Tiverton has decided to cut deeply into its offerings of concerts, classes and fun, healthy things to do. The problem is an all too common one in this stay-at-home age of internet, Facebook and big screen TV. People simply aren’t attending Sandywoods’ many fine events.

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Editorial: The public landlord

Before it launches into any venture outside the scope of traditional municipal services (like fire protection, public safety or trash hauling), the Town of Bristol should seriously consider whether the project belongs in private hands. Such might be the case at Byfield, Reynolds and any other empty school buildings, as town leaders consider what to

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Editorial: In East Providence, politics is a full contact sport for sure

Someone famously and quite rightly once said, “Politics, like football, is a full contact sport.” It is, even to those perceived to be on the periphery of the profession, a person, for instance, like now former East Providence City Manager Peter Graczykowski. Mr. Graczykowski was unceremoniously removed from his position by the City Council on