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Editorial: Thinking big

If they waited until the moment is right, towns would never accomplish the things that make a lasting difference. Credit, then, is due to ‘big thinkers’ in Tiverton and Westport who ignored the prevailing gloom and doom to accomplish projects that will improve lives here for generations to come. Tiverton is closing in on completion

Editorial: Sports ‘journalism’ and Deflategate

To many in the sports reporting world, ‘DeflateGate’ is important for what it reveals about those ‘cheating’ New England Patriots. It’s more revealing about what passes for journalism among the reporting pack and talking heads who’ve beaten this horse into the ground for going on two weeks now. Somehow the pack knew within hours of


No mercy for pedophile Jesse Perry

Former Bristol man Jesse Perry took the stand in his own defense Monday, trying to paint himself as a loving mentor and father figure who wanted nothing but the best for the young boys in his care. That, as a prominent youth sports coach in Bristol for many years, is what he was supposed to

Editorial: Change is good … sometimes

Change came to the Bristol Town Council quickly, just moments after the council’s democratic majority took control of the gavel. Councilman Nathan Calouro replaced Mary Parella as chairperson of the council last Wednesday night, and Timothy Sweeney took over the vice-chairmanship from Halsey Herreshoff as the Democratic majority took the reins over the two Republicans.

Editorial — Questions: Buyer beware

An engineering school at the state university, preservation of aging theaters, flood prevention, transit and zoo improvements — Good things all, perhaps, but at quite a price. That’s the dilemma facing voters next week as they are asked to decide among seven state questions, four of which seek to borrow significant sums. Buyer beware, recommends