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Editorial — Questions: Buyer beware

An engineering school at the state university, preservation of aging theaters, flood prevention, transit and zoo improvements — Good things all, perhaps, but at quite a price. That’s the dilemma facing voters next week as they are asked to decide among seven state questions, four of which seek to borrow significant sums. Buyer beware, recommends

Editorial: Party time

When Tiverton decided back in 2007 to go non-partisan with local elections it seemed like an interesting idea. But seven years later the old Tiverton days of Democrats, Independents and the occasional Republican aren’t looking so bad after all. Politics back then was not for the faint of heart. Foes faced off inside and outside

Warren Fire Chief’s honor

Volunteer fire departments are becoming rarer and rarer, but the fact that Warren’s continues to thrive is due in no small measure to Chief Al Galinelli, who was recently named Firefighter of the Year in Rhode Island. While the department’s success is a group effort, the chief has been indispensable in making sure that as

Warren Town Council has not supported economic board

To the editor: As a member of the Warren Economic Development Board since its inception, Chairperson for three years, and a member of Discover Warren, the retail merchants group for 11 years, I would like to comment on the political statement made by current Town  Council Chairperson Chris Stanley in the Sept. 17 edition. The

Editorial: Teacher contract: Numbers please

Towns and public employee unions have a peculiar way of drumming up public support when contract talks go badly. ‘It’s none of your business what we are asking/offering — just trust us. We’re the ones being reasonable.’ Such is the case in the contract showdown between Westport teachers and the school committee. Teachers accuse the