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Editorial: My way or …1

Carpionato Corp.’s failed attempt to build an immense commercial and residential complex in Tiverton may best be remembered as an exercise in how not to win friends and influence people. Any shot the developer may have had early on to convince a hesitant town that this project might be a good fit ultimately withered under

Time to overhaul Warren ACO position

Warren finally has weekend and holiday coverage in the animal control office, after town officials this week filled a new part time position approved by voters at the Financial Town Meeting in May. The part time coverage had long been sought by shelter volunteers and supporters, who worried about not having an animal officer on

Editorial: ‘Crown jewel’

Libraries are a growth industry here and that speaks well for local priorities. Bristol recently increased funding for its Rogers Free Library. Warren still supports its gorgeous George Hail Library. Westport decided a few years to expand its library by over 40 percent. And on Saturday, Tiverton dedicated its new $10.6 million library, a facility

Editorial: Sonic assault

For sheer waste of taxpayer money, it’s tough to top the ‘decibel detector.’ Every town that’s bought one for its police department ought to demand an immediate refund. The things clearly don’t work. How else to explain what happened last weekend. The skies had cleared, the mercury was soaring, and out on the roads the

Editorial: Can’t turn back the clock

Bristol and Warren have fought for years over funding the regional school district the two towns share. One would think a voter-approved referendum and a judge’s ruling would finally settle the long-running argument. Yet the battle continues. Judge Luis Matos ruled earlier this month that the Bristol Warren Regional School District has been improperly distributing

Editorial: Bristol Council right to restore Explore

Town Councilman Halsey Herreshoff walked into Monday night’s budget hearing intending to leave well enough alone, declining to restore $10,000 cut from Explore Bristol’s budget request. Then he encountered the throng of supporters who turned out to defend the group that aims to market Bristol to prospective visitors. By the end of the two-hour meeting,

Editorial: Warren should not seek lost millions

Warren should “celebrate” a Superior Court ruling that clarifies how state education dollars are distributed, but it should not celebrate long. The ruling by Judge Luis Matos is a significant setback for Warren’s partners in this regional school district. Bristol took one on the chin last week. Bristol is already dealing with the impact of

Editorial: Voters: Budget, beaches

It may cost them a few dollars on a tax rate that is the envy of most towns around, but Westport voters can and should vote yes on two questions that will help their town out of an impossible budget squeeze. Questions 2 and 3 on Tuesday’s ballot would exempt interest paid on important big-ticket

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