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Dear old Dad!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and East bay Life is looking for your memories and stories; your Dad’s best expressions and (clean) jokes, and vintage photographs. Please send to no later than Friday, June 6, for publication the week of Father’s Day. Include your name and hometown, and let Dad know you’re

Big bass making their way into the bay

Striped bass fishing continues to explode. John Littlefield of Archie’s Bait & Tackle, East Providence said, “There are tons of small bass being caught in the Providence River off Sabin Point and Beach Road behind the Carousel (East Providence). Anglers are also landing bass from the bridges in Barrington and Warren. Some are floating clam

The cause of my Black Lace elderberry's demise — an elderberry shoot borer.

Down to Earth

Looking around my May garden I’m reminded of the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in which Eric Idle walks through a plague-infested village collecting a cartful of corpses. “Bring out your dead!” he shouts. I wouldn’t blame you for questioning my sanity and attitude but let me assure you that I’m not

Warren Town Council member Cathie Tattrie stands during a vote to reduce the Warren Tax Assessor's salary by 50 percent, while fellow council members keep their seats.

Fred Massie: Warren needs real unity now

I love my home in Warren, and I appreciate the many fine qualities and opportunities our town offers — from the agricultural fields on Touisset Point, to the thriving commercial scene in the historic downtown, and from the joys of being out on Mount Hope Bay and the Kickemuit River, to the successful new and

Why bother to go to college if you refuse to learn?

While rivalries in sports are generally considered to be healthy and fun, I am beginning to think that our college campuses are teaching students to stifle differences rather than learn from them. From coast to coast we seem to be teaching a generation of Americans that “free speech” extends only to those with whom they

Chafee thinks he’s so smart

In previous columns I have noted that Governor Lincoln Chafee has the tendency to think that he’s the smartest guy in the room. His hubris manifests itself by his personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with his point of view. Former Governor Don Carcieri was a frequent target of his scorn, whether it was the

Squid are in:  John Migliori of Newport with a squid he caught on the Goat Island bridge in Newport last week.  Migliori said, “Squidding at Goat Island is better than it has been in a few years.”

No Fluke

Fishing tournament for the visually impaired; strong bite throughout bay The RI Lions Sight Foundation (RILSF) will host their 7th Annual VIP Fishing Tournament for Visually Impaired Persons (VIP’s) of Rhode Island on June 22. The tournament, which takes place on a party fishing boat out of Galilee, is supported through donations from RI Lions

Cat stress leads to mess

Dear Dr. Evans,   For some time now, I’ve noticed that if I’m getting ready to leave for a vacation or if I have out-of-town company, my cat often starts having accidents. She’ll use the box for stool, but she’ll urinate in odd places. Once or twice, I’ve noticed a drop of blood. When things

Getting up on the right side of the bed

My beloved mother used to tell us children that we should always get up on the “right side of the bed.” She wanted us to start each day anew with a happy attitude. So, it is that after all these years, I follow her advice except for every once in a while when the news