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Still cozy after all these years

Still cozy after all these years

While we are so overwhelmed with snow and freezing temperatures, I try to focus on “warm” thoughts. We complain of shoveling and getting out in this weather but think of what people up until the early 20th century had to deal with: no furnaces or central heat, no snowblowers or trucks with plows to clear

On the merits of criminalizing thought

Let’s get this out of the way. Whoever defaced the Rhode Island Muslim School with epithets and hateful language is a fool, an ignoramus, and should be prosecuted for vandalism. Should there, however, be an additional criminal count for a hate crime? The reality of a hate crime conviction is that an extra 5 or

2015 saltwater fishing regulations, license bill and fishing show this week

Last Monday’s Department of Environmental Management’s (DEM) recreational regulation workshop and public hearing meetings combined what normally takes place over four different evenings into one night. Traditionally participation at specie Advisory Panel meetings held over four different evenings is limited (three to six fishermen, fifteen or twenty if an important issue was being discussed).  At

10 reasons to create an estate plan now

You may want to consider making one of your New Year’s resolutions creating an estate plan. Many people think that estate plans are for someone else, not them. They may rationalize that they are too young or don’t have enough money to reap the tax benefits of a plan. But as the following list makes

Sharia law: time for the U.S. to smarten up

A group of Muslims in Irving, Texas has created what may be the first official Sharia law system in the United States. Apparently, this is an “official” tribunal yet at least 146 cases have been identified by the Center for Security Policy as having been adjudicated nationwide in lieu of the United States Court System.

A career-altering error

When I look at the deep snow outside my window, it’s hard to imagine that baseball will be back in New England in just six short weeks, but I really can’t wait. The 2015 season is going to be an interesting one for local fans whether they root for the Red Sox or the Yankees.


A chair fit for a pilgrim

Q: I volunteer at a local the preservation society and someone recently donated this chair to the museum. It looks like a Pilgrim chair and on the back is stamped “Governor Carver 1620.” No one knows anything about it. Can you help? A: This style chair is referred to as a “Governor Carver chair” named

Appy Valentine’s Day

Call it a “Hallmark holiday” if you like, but don’t be caught empty handed. Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is here and your smartphone and this list of apps might be your key to making the most of this once a year romantic ritual. •    30 Day Relationship Do you think you could do

Hunker down during a storm?

I just returned from a vacation and luckily missed all the snow and bitter cold. While in the Charlotte airport I ran into Rhode Islanders who brought up Governor Gina Raimondo‘s use of the expression, “hunker down” as an admonition during the snowstorm. They got a kick out of it as did I. Governor Raimondo