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Let the games end!

My late sister was a member of a teacher’s union as well as a representative for the unit of school psychologists. After her death I was handling her estate so all the mail came to me, including the Union newsletter. As I perused it I noticed a story congratulating the Cranston Teacher’s Union for its

Keeping up with the times

You don’t need to be an avid baseball fan to know about Pete Rose. An incredibly talented (most hits all time at 4,256), durable (played in 3,562 games, the most for any MLB player) and versatile player (appeared in 17 all-star games at five different positions) with a gambling problem, Rose was given a lifetime

Not just another pretty face

Ken Block is not a usual politician. He spends his own money rather than ours. The most recent evidence of this truth is his analysis of fire protection costs in Rhode Island, where he spent $2500 of his own lucre, which he and his volunteers spent upwards of 500 hours to produce. Readers should go

Striped bass prize:  Mike Testa of Jamestown with a striped bass he caught while fly fishing with Capt. Ray Stachelek.

No Fluke: Did you see that swirl?

It happens in May and June in New England. The water in our coves becomes alive with striped bass swirling on the surface and bluefish crashing cinder worms that are dancing on the surface. It’s very much a sight-fishing experience. You can see the worms and the striped bass feeding on the surface. Cinder worms

Opening day on another field of play

Opening Day is just around the corner and for rabid baseball fans, it’s like Christmas and the Fourth of July rolled into one. Opening Day represents the start of the 162 game season that gives many of us something to look forward to and plan around every day. It’s also the only day in the


Limoges of….Ohio?

Q. I have a pitcher and basin set that has descended in our family. It has a mark on the bottom stamped ”Limoges.” Is this from France and is it valuable? A. Limoges porcelain has been around since the 19th century and pieces marked “Limoges” are not necessarily from the same maker. Limoges is a

Is it a strikeout or a home run?

So, 10 of the richest men who live in New England want to build a baseball stadium in downtown Providence. Some of them, like Jim Skeffington, Terry Murray and Tom Ryan, made millions of dollars from Rhode Islanders so it’s good that they are happy to pay back the community for its largesse to them.

"Canyon Fever", a new fishing adventure book, was released last month by Capt. Denny Dillon of the f/v Persuader II, Pt. Judith. Local expert angler Susan Lema illustrated the book.

No Fluke: Time to get your gear ready

A sure way to shed those winter blues is to get your fishing gear ready for the fishing season. It gives me great joy to organize my tackle, respool reels and get everything ready for freshwater opening day in April, saltwater spring tautog, and striped bass fishing. As I prepare, I dream about the big