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Capt. Charlie Donilon of Snappa Charters instructs Jack Chivers, South Kingstown, on how to tie a dropper loop fishing knot.

Trout larger and more plentiful this year

Trout larger and more plentiful this year

Reports are in from opening day of trout season this Saturday and most feel the fish are larger and more plentiful. Thousands of anglers were on hand to catch their limit of five trout with over 80,000 hatchery-raised brook, rainbow, brown trout stocked by the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) in about 100 locations. Angler

Tossing us a screwball

While I know that baseball can be slow — and I admit to sometimes dozing off during late innings — baseball is exciting because that you never know where or when the action might happen. Whether it’s an unlikely hero with a walk-off home run or a surprise no-hitter, baseball can offer surprises every game.

Where does it end?

PLACE:  A MOTEL IN EAST CUPCAKE, INDIANA ENTER: A couple “We’re looking for a room.” “Fine, just show me your certificate.” “What certificate?” “Your Marriage one, of course.” “We’re not married.” “Sorry then. My religious belief is that you are about to commit a mortal sin, so move on. The religious free exercise law says

A tradition in his family: Nick Woodbine of Warwick fished Frenchtown Pond, North Kingstown on opening day 2014 with his two brothers and uncle, Chris Choquette.

Ice cut to stock ponds for opening day

The Department of Environmental Management’s Division of Fish & Wildlife had to cut holes in the ice for to stock ponds this past Saturday. Most of the state’s freshwater anglers are expected to turn out at 6 a.m. to fish on opening day, Saturday, April 11. Hatchery- raised brook, brown, and rainbow trout with an

Cutting your nose off to spite your face

In nixing the pension settlement, at least two unions are bringing on the demise of public employees’ pensions. Even if the unions  ultimately win the court case — which is highly unlikely for the reasons set out below — the state would be ordered to restore pensions it cannot pay. A series of municipal bankruptcies


The upside to spring’s reluctant arrival

March came in like the proverbial lion but according to weather forecasters, it looks like it will go out like one too. If we weren’t optimists, we might wonder if we should still expect April showers to bring May flowers. No matter how long we have to wait, when the curtain finally opens, I, and

Fisheries experts meet on strategy for growing recreational fish stocks

“Ecosystem-based fisheries management is a way to sustain the benefits people get from the ocean by accounting for the interconnections among marine life, humans and the environment.” That’s the way Greg Wells of Pew Charitable Trusts kicked off the 2015 Southern New England Recreational Fishing Symposium. Wells defined ecosystem-based fisheries management for the 86 invited

The migration begins

With snow lingering in our yards, it’s hard to believe the baseball season begins this weekend. As the team returns to Boston next week, they are among the first “locals” to return from the winter spent down south. Other migrating types include Ruby Throated hummingbirds and American goldfinches — lovely little birds that spend their