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Get off the bench and vote

For people who work in and around politics, a general election is like jamming four World Series into thirteen hours but only finding out whether you scored any runs after the game is over. It’s a long day at the end of a long campaign and can turn into a long night if things aren’t

Shore angler Gil Bell, Charlestown, with a 42”, 28.15 pound striped bass he took from the surf in South County. Gil said he has been catching and releasing bass in spite of “nasty and windy” conditions.

No Fluke: All about the bass

Despite increase in spawning stock, conservative bass regulations likely Striped bass is in the news again this week. Private recreational anglers, for-hire charter captains and commercial fishermen all say striped bass are a highly valued fishery in Rhode Island. Last week the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the 2014 juvenile index, which


Halloween? There’s an app for that

Halloween is here — do you have a costume? Seasonal treats? Creepy music? Here are a few fun, family-friendly apps to make the most of this thrill-filled season. Costumes for Halloween (Android) Tired of showing up to your office party as a ghost every year? This app, developed by Sprouts lab, will give you countless

Noah Gasperini (age 13) fished with Greg Vespe of Tiverton last week and hooked up with this black sea bass, as well as fluke, scup and a 20 pound striped bass.

Fall is a great time to fish

The Department of Environmental Management’s Division of Fish and Wildlife will hold several fishing programs this fall. With stripers and bluefish plentiful in Narragansett Bay, autumn is one of the best times of the year to fish. Hosted by the Division’s Aquatic Resource Education program, the programs include an introduction to saltwater fly-fishing workshop and

We don’t need a wild card in every contest

Many of us in Red Sox Nation remember this week ten years ago as being the greatest in sports history. After securing the AL wild card spot in the playoffs, the Red Sox beat the Angels in the American League Division Series before facing the Yankees in the American League Championship Series. After being down

Violet: A different kind of number-crunching

Ted Hahn is a former advanced math teacher who taught for 38 years in the public school system. His love affair with numbers carried into politics. For years he has been involved in campaigns both statewide and in the City of Providence. His job is usually unpopular. He looks at historical voting trends for the

Poli-ticks: A tale of two women

I know that I should not, but the fact is, I hold women in politics to a higher standard. It’s not exactly that we have a surfeit of them, so that’s probably why I want the ones who are in public office to be role models for young women. Two women in my view recently