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Transportation department fails to enforce infrastructure standards

At a minimum, 230 Rhode Island bridges are structurally deficient.  Several months before Gina Raimondo crossed the threshold into the governor’s office, the so-called Park Avenue Bridge was inspected and allowed to stay open. Governor Raimondo pointed out the decaying infrastructure throughout the state and, like no good deed that goes unpunished, she’s being mugged.

Lary Norin (back row, far right) was part of the team that boated this 290 pound thresher shark last week aboard Hot Reels Charters with Captains Louis DeFusco and Jack Sprengel.

Fishing regulations receiving pressure

During the past several months there have been a number of key proposed policy changes that if approved could greatly impact our fisheries. Some say the proposed changes will weaken regulations having a long term negative impact on fisheries, while others say the policy changes will have a positive impact on fishing immediately providing much

Time for the game to end

At the end of a game at Fenway, there are two possible soundtracks: “Dirty Water” after a win and a humming funereal do-dah-duh-duh song. This song was probably commissioned by the Red Sox and scientifically proven to drive down blood pressure and prevent people from rioting after a particularly hideous loss. There’s been a lot

Presidential contenders go from bad to worse

It is a pretty shameful spectacle that so little talent is vying for the presidency of the United States. Unless you are a millionaire many times over, or have been bought by one who contributes to your campaign, you are out of luck. The most recent entries into the race by Hillary Clinton and Donald

By any other name, it smells as sweet

There’s so much going on in the June garden my choice of topics is overwhelming. I could share my latest list of impulse purchases, which includes ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius) number three, a moundy-roundy purple-flowered mint-scented tender perennial I’d never heard of (Hesperozygis), and enough packs of amethyst flower (Browallia americana) to fulfill the promise I

RJ and Quincy with the giant bluefish to 11 pounds they caught in Greenwich Bay when fishing in Take-a-Kid Fishing sponsored by the RI Saltwater Anglers.

‘Take a Kid Fishing’ big success

“This is the first fish I ever caught,” “I’ve never been on a boat before,” “I caught four fish so far,” “Thanks for taking us fishing.” These were some to the comments that 150 children between the ages of seven and thirteen had to say about the annual Take-a-Kid (TAK) fishing day Saturday sponsored by

Home is no place for a wolf

Dear Dr. Evans, I saw an ad  for a wolfdog and I am hooked. They are so beautiful and I really want one. What do you think? —Crazy for Wolfdogs Dear Crazy, Wolfdogs, or wolf-dog hybrids, aren’t for everyone, and in Rhode Island they’re not for anyone. Wolfdogs are illegal in R.I. and many other

How good ideas lose their groove

On the one hand, the Democrats think that the voters are geniuses because they keep returning them to office. On the other hand, they think they are also stupid because Ma and Pa can’t be trusted with making “enlightened” decisions when it comes to spending money. Want some evidence? Here it is. The Governor proposed


Too much of a good thing

Q. I have a very large mirror from my last home in Utah. When we moved to Barrington, we found our current home doesn’t have room and I have the mirror in storage. I’ve thought about selling the mirror, but because of its size I’d like to get an idea of it’s worth before going

Dan Thivierge of Warren caught this 43.6 pound striped bass Friday night off Colt State Park, Bristol, and weighed it in at Lucky Bait & Tackle in Warren.

No Fluke: Here’s how to clam it up

Have you always wanted to learn how to dig for clams and what type of equipment is needed? Now’s your chance. The program is sponsored by the University of Rhode Island’s Sea Grant and features commercial shell fisherman Jody King, who will introduce participants to recreational clamming. Space is limited and registration is required. Participants

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