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Think (and consult) before you gift

Many people consider gifting assets to children and grandchildren to reduce estate tax and protect assets from the cost of long term care.  Gifting assets is a significant decision because through the gift, you relinquish control of the assets. For this and other reasons, before you gift consider the following: •     Your Needs. Will


Trash or treasure: message in a bottle

Q. I came across this blue bottle that was most likely dug up in Newport. I am most curious about what it is and where it is from. The bottle is in near-perfect condition. Is it worth anything? A. Your blue bottle is a seltzer or soda bottle from the early 1900’s. It is most

Everett Baldwin (7) of East Providence landed this bluefish when fishing Block Island with his father John Baldwin.

Now is the time to buy a boat

So you want to buy a boat. You are in luck. It is the perfect time of year as sellers of new and used boats are anxious to sell before winter. And, this is the perfect week to look at a lot of power or sailboats, all at one time, at the Annual Newport International

Dust yourself off and stay engaged

Every year, one team emerges at the end of the MLB season as World Series Champion and that franchise gets to carry that honor until another champion is crowned. It’s worth noting that the other 29 teams that do not win the title do not fold or send their players home with a stain on

Candidates acquit themselves well in debate

As the top three democratic gubernatorial candidates jockey for the ultimate prize to represent the party in November, one thing was clear in the WPRI debate on August 26. The Democrats have an embarrassment of riches.  Each of these candidates acquitted themselves well during the debate. Clay Pell After a rocky start to his candidacy

Eight year old Jack O’Grady of South Kingstown with cod fish he caught on the Frances Fleet.

No Fluke

Fish mangers set quotas for 2015 The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC) reviewed and maintained previously established commercial quotas and recreational harvest limits for summer flounder, scup and black sea bass for the 2015 fishing season. So in all likelihood this will translate to limits close to

Clematis heracleifolia strikes a pose with dance partner, Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'

Welcoming the late-blooming blues

Since the first witch hazel flower unfurled and crocus poked out of the ground last winter I haven’t for one minute been bored with my garden. I’ve been frustrated by it, challenged, thwarted, and enthralled by turns. It has given me plenty to fuss over, weed out, wish for, and has taught me endless lessons

Pitch a clean campaign

As the end of primary season comes to a close, I look forward to general election that draws starker contrasts between the candidates and the issues they support. Rhode Island is a state in decline and we need what we’ve been lacking: strong and effective leadership in the State House. As the polls have tightened,


Attic yields ‘GPS’ of yesteryear

Q. I have this old compass I found in my dad’s attic. It is in a 6” square wood box. It is marked “Kelvin White Boston”. Can you tell me something about it and if it is worth anything? A. What you have is called a dry mariner’s compass. The dry mariner’s compass has been