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What’s your favorite sport?

Driving through town you may have noticed football and soccer practices. Fall is a time when a lot of sports go into session. What’s your favorite sport? Most kids believe that soccer is the most popular sport, but we believe that the kids who play soccer don’t watch soccer. In addition to soccer, many children

Awesome RISPCA

The RISPCA is home to many animals. Some animals you can adopt are dogs, cats, and bunnies, even litters. Some dogs up for adoption are Molly, an adult Terrier Chihuahua, Riley, a Yorkshire Terrier, or Nora, a young Boxer Pitbull Terrier. If dogs are not for you check out the cute and lovable cat. A

Hampden Meadows School

Local students win Destination Imagination contest

Some local fifth grade students recently won a Destination Imagination contest. A team of kids — Zahra Beers, Connor Troiano, Sam Wohlever, Matthew Buller, Alex Perugini, Nico Perugini, and Jack Perugini — worked together to win this contest. Twin brothers Alex and Nico were the first people to know about this tournament. Their mother is

Top 10 summer reading picks

Do you ever need a book to read, but you don’t have any good recommendations? Well, with these reading lists you will always have a book in your hands. (1 being the best) In our opinion… The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper Because of Mr. Terupt by