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Richard Donelly and Wendy Overly star in "The Big Meal," playing through February 9 at the Gamm.

‘The Big Meal’ rich and filling

‘The Big Meal’ rich and filling

“If you don’t want to waste your life,” one of the first lines in the play “The Big Meal” admonishes us, “then don’t.” And very near the end of Dan LeFranc’s short but insightful and all-encompassing play, another character, a young boy, wonders about life: “where does all the time go? It seems like a


Double bill at The Gamm a wild ride

    “When you’ve just stepped in you can’t tell what’s going to happen.”      That quote is an apt way to describe the hypnotic words of playwright Caryl Churchill and a good embarkation point to delve into the riveting and hallucinatory production her two plays “A Number” and “Far Away” are receiving at The Gamm