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‘Seven Keys to Baldpate’ good, plain fun

‘Seven Keys to Baldpate’ good, plain fun

It’s a grand old play, it’s a high-flying play! It’s a farce! It’s a mystery! It’s romance! Yes, it’s “Seven Keys to Baldpate,” a real charming sweetheart of a swell old show now getting a sprightly and spirited production at Warren’s 2nd Story Theatre. In addition to being just good plain fun, the show plays


Double bill at The Gamm a wild ride

    “When you’ve just stepped in you can’t tell what’s going to happen.”      That quote is an apt way to describe the hypnotic words of playwright Caryl Churchill and a good embarkation point to delve into the riveting and hallucinatory production her two plays “A Number” and “Far Away” are receiving at The Gamm