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Look to planner, not volunteers, for grant funds

To the editor: I’d like to comment on Mrs. Tattrie’s political statement suggesting the creation of a new committee to find grant money as an alternative to having a dedicated town planner in place. In her letter, she states, “too many times over the years, the department heads have been hampered by time and personnel

What’s your game, Democratic party chairman?

To the editor: I would like to respond to the Chairman of the Warren Democratic Party Richard Silva and his recent letter of Oct 22nd entitled “These candidates don’t offer real solutions.” In this letter he talks about Town Council candidates Steve Thompson and Brandt Heckert  using the “same old” political rhetoric and how their having some pictures with

Letter: A chance to change Warren’s future

To the editor: While it’s usually difficult to achieve in government due to entrenched political interests, every so often an opportunity for positive change comes along to be seized on. Wouldn’t it be great to have Town Council leadership that moved Warren forward, instead of working so hard to protect the status quo? Wouldn’t it

warren animal shelter

Warren shelter supporters: ‘Kill’ rumors are untrue

Supporters of the Warren Animal Shelter are trying to dispel recent rumors that the shelter is undertaking the widespread euthanization of animals. It’s just not true, they said, and is hurting the “no kill” animal shelter. The rumors have been circulating on social media for several weeks, and prompted several volunteers and shelter supporters to