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The Golden Triangle of Sherry

Sherry is a wildly misunderstood wine. A fortified beauty from the southwest of Spain, Sherry offers aromas and flavors that no other wine can offer. From the soil type, climate and grape varietal, to origins in “The Golden Triangle,” Sherry is a wine that is well worth a try. Nestled far southwest of Spain lies


‘Natural’ Wine? Open to Interpretation

As organic wines become a common option on restaurant wine lists and bottle shops, natural wines are also becoming more prevalent. So what truly makes a wine “natural” and what distinguishes it from organic selections? While organic wine has definitions that differ from country to country, they are at the least, legally outlined. The term “natural” wine does

La Pepier

Eat Organic, Drink Organic

As Americans become more concerned with where their food is coming from and how it is produced, I wonder where our beverages are coming from. If no GMO’s are an issue and organic food is the only way, why not beg the question with your wine? The term “Organic” is defined differently in every country.


Under the Cork: Red & White Burgundy

Burgundy is a region full of confusing labels, two main grape varieties (Chardonnay & Pinot Noir), and arguably the best wine in the world. Being one of the oldest wine-producing regions, it’s difficult to keep the descriptions of wines from this sophisticated region simple and easy, but I’ll try. These four wines are listed in


Under the cork: Wines to enjoy with your Easter feast

Fattoria San Lorenzo 2011 “Vigna Di Gino” Verdicchio di Castello di Jesi. Le Marche, Italy Verdicchio is a grape from the Le Marche region of Italy, on the Adriatic coast, which has highly volcanic soil. Fattoria San Lorenzo has been passed down from father to son for multiple generations. Currently, Natalino Crognaletti is the owner,