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Cardio Canine: An Exercise Program For You and Your Dog Week #3

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Humans were once classified as hunters and gatherers. We were a mobile, energy-expended species in search for food, and we existed like this up until about 10,000 years ago. With the onset of agriculture, however, our lifestyles and mindsets changed. Humans learned to raise animals and plant crops; soon, our digestive systems were forced to […]

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Cardio-Canine An Exercise Program for You and Dog: Week #2

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Welcome back to week number two of “Cardio Canine,” the exercise and nutrition program created specifically for you and your dog. It is well-known that owners resemble their dogs, but did you know that you lose and gain weight in the same manner? You both ingest calories from food and convert them into carbohydrates, fat […]

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Cardio Canine: An exercise program for you and your dog

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Michael and Koda lunge down the road near Colt State Park

Feeling soft around the edges ? Your pooch looking a little plump ? Have you and your dog put on a few extra pounds during this long New England winter ? Well, spring has finally sprung and it is time to get both of you back in shape. During the month of April, we will […]

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