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Tiverton should wonder who will live at Crossings

To the editor: If the hearing August 19 at Tiverton High School concerning the Tiverton Crossings project is any barometer, about 90 percent of residents oppose the idea and hope to preserve Tiverton’s small town character. Another thing Tiverton residents — and residents of any community considering such a project —need, unfortunately, to consider, is

Bridge in dire need of a summer cleaning

To the editor, Does the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority no longer have any funding available for the maintenance of Mount Hope Bridge? Is it awaiting a subsidy from the state? This bridge is one the oldest spans across an extended water surface in the state. This bridge needs annual preventive maintenance to preserve this vital

Rules necessary to rein in rude school audience

To the editor: It appears to be open season on the Little Compton school committee and administration.  Letter after letter in this newspaper paints a picture of an evil school committee and administration bent on destroying our children’s education, firing teachers, wasting money, and conducting themselves badly at school committee meetings. That’s strange. I attend

Simple tips can increase recycling rate

To The Editor: Given last week’s news regarding the RIRRC’s reduction of our annual cap at the Johnston Landfill for fiscal year 2014-15 and the potential for significantly higher tipping fees, the Bristol Recycles Committee offers these 10 simple recycling tips: 1) Recycle plastic containers that are up to 2 gallons in size. Rinse, attach

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