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Letter: Every vote really does count

Letter: Every vote really does count

To the editor: During our busy lives, taking time to vote sometimes takes a back seat to the activities and stresses of our daily routine. Voting for candidates and issues may not seem important, but every vote counts. For example, how many registered voters in Portsmouth realize that in the last election one candidate for

Letter: Solar array would help schools mitigate electricity increases

To the editor: In response to “Questions remain before school district commits to solar”: Bristol is facing a 20 percent increase in electricity rates, a $75,000 to $100,000 increase in cost to the schools alone. A 100 kW solar array would have reduced that increase by 20 percent. Questions regarding actual savings and roof warranty

Transit Bond Question – The right route for RI

Any state with a growing, vibrant economy invariably has one critical component: an efficient, reliable and easily accessible public transit system that gets people where they want to go, when they want to go.  Those destinations include workplaces, schools, shopping centers, and doctors and health care facilities, the core of people’s everyday lives. This November,