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Letter: Cut school administrators to save cash

To the editor: I am writing in regard to the good possibility of a 10 percent increase in the property tax rate this year. This is a huge increase. At this rate, our taxes will double in 10 years. Our paychecks certainly won’t. This is unacceptable. Why aren’t contracts with school administrators and teachers being

Letter: Opting out is only option for angry parents

To the editor: “Students, parents can not opt out.” So says the edict form the editorial regarding state PARCC testing. Got it? It makes no difference what your reasons are. You must surrender your children to something you think is detrimental to them in order that the greater good is served. Besides, your reasons are

Letter: Tiverton shouldn’t change its plan to please developer

To the editor: The proposed Tiverton Glen development presents a number of concerns for many, especially those who value Tiverton’s small-town nature. More troubling is the process attempting to circumvent the town’s defining Comprehensive Plan to permit this specific development. The facts are clear. Tiverton Glen is a 60-plus-acre development that indisputably runs counter to