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Bristol Town Councilman Tim Sweeney and a Bristol Recycles volunteer collect styrofoam during Amnesty Day at the transfer station, hosted by the Bristol Department of Public Works and Bristol Recycles.

Letter: Amnesty Day loads trucks with recyclable waste

Letter: Amnesty Day loads trucks with recyclable waste

To the Editor, We want to thank the Bristol residents for joining us in making last Saturday’s Bristol Recycles – DPW Amnesty Day a huge success! Here are just a few examples of what you helped defer from the landfill: •    You filled 3 dump trucks with old paint. •    You filled 1 dump truck

Letter: A Harvest Valentine for my town

To the editor: “Great acts are made up of small deeds.”-Lao Tzu I have always believed in the power, strength, support and ongoing connections that only community can build. A real community is often the salve on the burn of the human condition. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to observe the ways

Letter: Tourister plan’s economic impact understated

To the editor: I read with interest the Sept. 24 article “Mill plan: Financial gain for town?” Frankly, the benefit to the town projected by the developer’s consultant seemed considerably understated. The portion of the consultant’s report dealing with “government service” focused on the average per capita cost of $767.95. Any first-year student of economics

Letter: Portsmouth firefighters thank Dr. DeLeo

To the editor: This letter has been written on behalf of the Portsmouth Fire Department to express our gratitude to Dr. Julia DeLeo of Linden Tree Family Health Center. Recently, Dr. DeLeo agreed to become the medical director of the Portsmouth Fire Department’s emergency medical services. The efforts of the medical director allow the Portsmouth

A Rhode Islander’s responsibility regarding suicide

In Rhode Island, it’s easier to use our bridges to kill yourself, than it is to conduct business and tourism in the Ocean State. Each year bridges like the Mount Hope and Claiborne Pell become convenient facilitators of suicide in the minds of the ill. Both of the previously mentioned bridges, as well as others,

Letter: Thanks for turning the tide on trash

To the editor: More than 35 volunteers showed their care for clean oceans by participating in the 2014 International Coastal Cleanup last Saturday in Common Fence Point. The spirit of community was on high as individuals and families teamed up to rid the beaches of 661 pounds of debris in three hours. Girl Scout Troop

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