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Col—Trash—Sleicher painting

Trash or Treasure?

Rhode Island Artist’s connection to Abercrombie & Fitch Q. I have a number of paintings that my father commissioned from Robert Sleicher, to paint animals my father photographed on a safari to Africa in the 1970’s. I do not know much about him but was told he is famous. Can you tell me anything about


Trash or Treasure?

Victorian jardiniéres: functional art Q. I have this nice old pot that I am hoping you could tell something about. A. Your “jardinière” or “garden pot” was made by Maddock Pottery Company of Trenton, New Jersey. Your pot dates to the early 1900’s —  the Victorian period. Victorian interiors often included exotic plants as décor.

Trash or Treasure?

What exactly is ‘Coin’ Silver? Q. I have some very old spoons that I inherited. They have some names  on them, but I really do not know what they are and if the spoons are worth anything. Can you help? A. Your spoons were made by Pardon Miller who lived and worked in Providence in


Trash or Treasure?

Local pianist’s fifty year old performance immortalized by renowned artist Q. I have an original cartoon done by Paule Loring, who did work for the Providence Journal among other papers. The cartoon depicts my father, Al Hart, playing the piano for a PTA production of, “It’s So Peaceful In the Country,” in Little Compton. It


Trash or Treasure?

What’s the pedigree of “Henry” the horse? Q. I have an antique carousel horse we named “Henry” that I bought years ago. It has been a well-loved addition to my home, enjoyed by my children and grandchildren. My horse measures overall 58” long (from tip of tail to outermost knee) by 48” high (top of head

Col—Waterman—Porcelier Teapot

Trash or Treasure?

Chemically unstable framing materials damage paper Q. I have a print which I found stored in the attic of my parents’ house. It has a lot of browning on the edges and brown spots throughout. What is happening, and can it be removed? A. The greatest damage to works of art on paper occurs in


Trash or Treasure?

A valuable Gordon Grant etching Q.  I have an etching by Gordon Grant of men turning a wheel on a ship. It is signed by the artist and has the numbers 11/ 100 written in pencil. I inherited from my parents and believe they bought it in New York in the 1930’s or 1940’s. Anything


A tackle box you won’t want to fill with bait

Q. I have an old wood fishing tackle box which still has its original decal (“PONDBROOK, PROVIDENCE, R.I.”) on the inside. Can you tell me anything about this and if it is worth anything? A. Your wood laminated tackle box was made by John W. Gilson in Stuart, Florida. He was an avid fisherman and


Trash or Treasure?

Resale value of antique cradles impacted by modern safety standards Q. I have a cradle which I found in my grandmother’s home in western Pennsylvania. I have used it for my two sons.  Can you tell me anything about it? A. Cradles and cribs became a more common household piece of furniture in the 19th