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Alaskan yard sale yields Chinese dolls

Alaskan yard sale yields Chinese dolls

Q. I enjoy your column and wonder if you could shed some light on these antique Chinese Dolls. I acquired them at an Alaskan yard sale this past spring. Are they in fact Chinese and what historic significance do they hold, if any? They range from 16″ to 20″ tall. A. I do believe your

Splitting up: who gets the Picasso?

When couples begin divorce proceedings, some of the biggest fights are over artwork or antiques. Emotional attachments can be greater than financial (or perceived financial) values. Some tips to consider for a peaceable and equitable split: 1. Make an inventory of all personal property (of significance). Include dates of when and how they were acquired.


Trash or treasure: message in a bottle

Q. I came across this blue bottle that was most likely dug up in Newport. I am most curious about what it is and where it is from. The bottle is in near-perfect condition. Is it worth anything? A. Your blue bottle is a seltzer or soda bottle from the early 1900’s. It is most


Attic yields ‘GPS’ of yesteryear

Q. I have this old compass I found in my dad’s attic. It is in a 6” square wood box. It is marked “Kelvin White Boston”. Can you tell me something about it and if it is worth anything? A. What you have is called a dry mariner’s compass. The dry mariner’s compass has been


What is ‘Blue Willow?’

This familiar pattern was first designed by Thomas Minton in England around 1780. It is the most famous china pattern in the world, and the longest continually produced pattern in history. The willow pattern has its roots in China and is most often seen in blue and white.It was and continues to be made by


Shaving mugs and vintage silver

Q. My great uncle collected shaving mugs. Some have pictures of cars on them; some just have names elaborately painted on them. Markings on the bottoms include “Felda China Germany,” Royal China International and T &V Limoges. Could you tell me anything about them and what they may be worth? A. Shaving mugs, made in