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Sailor’s Valentines

Sailor’s valentines are often thought to have been made by sailors who had idle time on whaling ships in the 1800’s. However, most originated in what became a cottage industry from the island of Barbados. Barbados was a common port for provisioning and while there, sailors would buy or order these souvenirs to bring to


Collector plate market past its peak

Q. My husband received this plate recently from his 102 year-old aunt. The plate originally belonged to his great-grandmother. We estimate the plate to be around 150-200 years old, and it is in perfect condition. We are wondering if you can find any information about this item and its value. We have no history for


Limoges of….Ohio?

Q. I have a pitcher and basin set that has descended in our family. It has a mark on the bottom stamped ”Limoges.” Is this from France and is it valuable? A. Limoges porcelain has been around since the 19th century and pieces marked “Limoges” are not necessarily from the same maker. Limoges is a


A chair fit for a pilgrim

Q: I volunteer at a local the preservation society and someone recently donated this chair to the museum. It looks like a Pilgrim chair and on the back is stamped “Governor Carver 1620.” No one knows anything about it. Can you help? A: This style chair is referred to as a “Governor Carver chair” named

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