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Still cozy after all these years

Still cozy after all these years

While we are so overwhelmed with snow and freezing temperatures, I try to focus on “warm” thoughts. We complain of shoveling and getting out in this weather but think of what people up until the early 20th century had to deal with: no furnaces or central heat, no snowblowers or trucks with plows to clear


A chair fit for a pilgrim

Q: I volunteer at a local the preservation society and someone recently donated this chair to the museum. It looks like a Pilgrim chair and on the back is stamped “Governor Carver 1620.” No one knows anything about it. Can you help? A: This style chair is referred to as a “Governor Carver chair” named


Girandole mirrors let there be light

During this just-past time of the year which involves so much decorating with lights and candles, I think of what it must have been like to celebrate the holidays before electricity. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has the word “girandole” defined as “a radiating and showy composition” or “circle of fire”. It has also come to mean

Splitting up: who gets the Picasso?

When couples begin divorce proceedings, some of the biggest fights are over artwork or antiques. Emotional attachments can be greater than financial (or perceived financial) values. Some tips to consider for a peaceable and equitable split: 1. Make an inventory of all personal property (of significance). Include dates of when and how they were acquired.