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‘Inland Fishes of RI’; Fish & Wildlife hatcheries in trouble If you want to know all about inland fish species and their habitats then the new RI Department of Environmental Management guide “Inland Fishes of Rhode Island” is for you. At $26.75 it makes the perfect gift for anglers and nature enthusiasts. The book, written

The squid are in: Greg Vespe of Warren with a jumbo squid he caught last week in the Newport area. Squid are most commonly caught at night as they are attracted to the lights from docks, wharfs and vessels.

Rule changes reflect Fisheries Commission findings

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is responsible for many of our recreational and commercial fishing regulations in Rhode Island. The Commission has served as a deliberative body of the Atlantic coastal states, coordinating the conservation and management of 25 highly migratory nearshore species. The fifteen states that formed the

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What matters most to anglers? What matters most to saltwater recreational anglers was identified in a recent NOAA survey of more than 9,000 state and federally-permitted saltwater anglers from 22 coastal states in the continental United States and Alaska. Here are some highlights: 81% of anglers plan to take the same number of trips next

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Science reaches out to Narragansett families It is not often that fish science reaches out and touches families.  But last Monday three partners turned a scientific fish monitoring survey into a recreational fishing experience for several Narragansett families. For the second year in a row, the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), in conjunction with the

Double header sea bass: Ginny Reed of Bristol with the double header jumbo sea bass she caught Saturday, October 26 aboard the Frances Fleet.  Photo by Roger Simpson.

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DEM seeks public comment; tautog fishery heating up The Division of Fish and Wildlife of the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) will solicit public comment on a variety of management plan proposals at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 19, at the University of Rhode Island Bay Campus, Corless Auditorium, South Ferry Road, Narragansett. Written comments

Big bonito: Local author and expert angler Dave Pickering with the ten pound bonito he caught while fishing off southern coastal shores Saturday.

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Rhody Fly Rodders anniversary book; shellfish symposium A book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Rhody Fly Rodders, the oldest saltwater fly fishing club in America, has been released by author Peter Nilsen of Barrington. The Rhody Fly Rodders decided to do something special to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club’s formation by Harold

Monti—Photo A Eric Lundgren and bonito v1

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 Tautog tips from the experts Tautog fishing is good and big fish are being caught. In fact, just three weeks ago Scott Kiefer of Exeter caught a 16-pound tautog in lower Narragansett Bay. Now is the time to tautog fish, as the bite is on and the weather is still mild. Chumming will enhance your

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Ocean planning: new film shows Rhode Island leading the way Did you hear the one about the striped bass and the seal?  The striped bass feeding on the Southwest Ledge off Block Island saw a seal feeding in the same area and said, “Scram Mr. Seal, this ledge is zoned for striped bass only.” Far-fetched?

Col—Monti—Photo B Robby Araujo (2)

Fly fishing programs; flounder, bass assessments

DEM to hold fly fishing programs The DEM Fish & Wildlife Division’s Aquatic Resource Education program will hold fly fishing workshops in October and November.  Families with children over 10 years of age are encouraged to attend.  Programs range for beginner to advanced angler. “Fly-Fishing Express,” a fly-fishing safari around Aquidneck Island on the Old