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The late Kevin Wright. A fund-raiser will be held tonight at the Barrington Democratic Club — money raised will benefit the Kevin Wright Music Foundation.

Saturday fund-raiser keeps memory of Barrington man alive

Saturday fund-raiser keeps memory of Barrington man alive

Kevin Wright had many passions in his life. He loved his family, the New England Patriots, rock and roll music and playing drums. Kevin, a Barrington native, tragically passed away at the age of 45 in June of 2012 from an apparent heart attack after playing a gig with his band. In an effort to keep Kevin’s

James Dumont Jr. (on the rings) and Andy Dion (on the rowing machine) recently opened Anytime Fitness in Barrington.

Barrington gym offers very flexible hours

  Imagine having insomnia and wishing your gym was open at midnight so you could work-out rather than stare at the ceiling hoping to get some shut-eye. That dream can come true at Anytime Fitness. Located in the Barrington Shopping Center, the new gym concept is making working out anytime during the day or night


A rocking good story to launch 2015

Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story by Rick Bragg Wow, what a story! What a life!  Crazy. Wild. Frenzied. Dangerous.  On-the-edge. Raucous. These adjectives do not adequately capture the essence of the legendary Rock-‘n-Roll musician Jerry Lee Lewis. Even the term “musician” does not do his talent justice. For whether one liked or deplored his

Bailey Wilkinson stands outside the middle school alongside a sign announcing her honor.

Bailey Wilkinson chosen as WMS Ambassador

By Carolyn Pontes and Kelly Chouinard, Westport Middle School The Westport Middle School is proud to announce Bailey Wilkinson as the 2015 Project 351 Ambassador to the State.  The students selected for this honor come from an exemplary group of 8th grade service leaders who represent every city and town in the Commonwealth.  Project 351

Medicaid protections for your home

People that come to my office are sometimes afraid. Often, they or their spouse (or both) are elderly and afraid they will lose their largest asset, their home, to the cost of a nursing home. Especially when an individual is married and one spouse continues to live in the home, there is no cause for

Turkey Tech: apps to get you through the feast

The food. Quality time with friends and family. The all-day football. There are plenty of reasons to be thankful Thanksgiving is coming up soon. But for all its fun, planning the perfect turkey day has its stresses. That’s why we’re highlighting some great mobile apps that will help make your Thanksgiving perfect. Let’s consider some

Book review: stories set in wartime

The House Girl by Tara Conklin Two remarkable heroines separated by a century: Josephine, a mulatto slave of a Southern plantation owner in the mid 1850’s and Lina, a New York City lawyer assigned by her firm to research a reparations case on behalf of the descendants of slaves. The book’s chapters alternate between the

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