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Bicyclist Kaiya Leibovitz enjoys a delicious break at The Fruity Cow in Warren on the last Saturday before the Labor Day weekend.

Last call: making the most of summer treats on the East Bay’s most seasonal route

Last call: making the most of summer treats on the East Bay’s most seasonal route

The official last weekend of summer is upon us, and the living is easy. Or not. It’s Labor Day weekend, when the smell of barbecue in the air competes with the smell of newly-minted highlighters and pencil shavings; the sound of summer’s crickets interrupted by the cracking spine of a never-read chemistry text. You can


Labor daytripping

It’s one of our favorite excuses: the East Bay is not a place to leave on a summer weekend. After all, people come here to vacation. Still, it’s a great big world out there and there’s a lot to see, especially this weekend, with events happening all across the state and and a couple of

Joe Hurley will talk about his experiences on the road as he walked Route 6 from coast to coast, at the Weaver Library in East Providence, Monday, August 4.

‘Ten Million Steps’

New England author to share view of America from its longest highway If you have ever driven Route 6 from Providence to Hartford, you know that, when you have places to go and people to see, all the red lights and slow-downs feel like drudgery. Now imagine the progress you would make on foot. Joe


Summer hunting, Rhode Island style

The East Bay is not exactly hunting country. There are a few deer and duck-hunting enclaves, but here, if you want to hands-on see to your own meat, fishing or clamming is where it’s at. And clamming is not for the faint of heart. It’s not about the size of the target; it’s not about

watersports-moth1 copy

Summer breeze

For extreme sports fans, summer on Narragansett Bay is a rush. You aren’t seeing things: in recent years it seems the bay has been teeming with unusual wind-powered craft, traveling at uncommon speeds. One local fleet of A-class catamarans (A-cats, for short), recognizable by their tall, gray sails that resemble the dorsal fins of enormous


A man on a mission

When your life’s passion has been working for social justice from the South Bronx to South Africa, retirement is a relative term. If you visited the carnival in downtown Bristol at the beginning of the month, you may have seen a tall, energetic septuagenarian cleaning out the prize shelf at the basketball game. Ball after


A declaration of self-evident truths

IN BRISTOL, July 2, 2014. When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one nation to throw itself, annually, a raucous birthday celebration, and to assume that  among the people that live within its borders, all celebrate this country’s unique station to which it is entitled, a decent respect to the opinions

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