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Lynne Collinson, 2nd Story Theatre's executive director, hopes voters will support Question 5, which could provide much-needed funding for 2nd Story and arts and preservation groups across the state.

Question 5 bond would power arts-driven economic recovery

Question 5 bond would power arts-driven economic recovery

When the subject of Rhode Island’s economy is raised — that is, all day, every day, across every strata of society in every corner of the state — it is too often a gloomy lamentation on the loss of our manufacturing sector. For years, community leaders have touted the importance of the arts as a


Looking Up: Lots to see in October’s night sky

October is going to be a busy month for skywatchers, with a total lunar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse, and a near-miss for our friends on Mars all in the offing. Total lunar eclipse Wednesday, Oct. 8   The moon will pass to the north of the center of the shadow, with totality lasting one

Members of the Tinker|Bristol steering committee, (front row, l to r) Andrea Rounds, Fran Chaves, Gina Macdonald, Garry Holmstrom, (back, l to r) Halsey Herreshoff, and Todd Thomas.

Sparking the industrial re-revolution

A group of local visionaries is hatching a plan to reinvigorate Bristol’s great local manufacturing tradition. Meeting in a bright, airy loft space on the Herreshoff property, the epicenter of Bristol’s historic manufacturing tradition, the steering committee behind Tinker|Bristol is busy conceptualizing a plan that, if successful, could not only reenergize innovation and entrepreneurship in

Child Opportunity Zone staffers Vanessa Ferreira (left) and Ginny DePasquale in the garden they helped cultivate at the Hugh Cole Elementary School in Warren.

Bountiful harvest

Warren elementary school garden teaches lessons from soil science and biology to altruism, empathy, and the culinary arts. Hugh Cole elementary school is not the first local school to have a garden — though it may be among the few to have one thrive over a long summer vacation, thanks to the dedication of Child


Labor daytripping

It’s one of our favorite excuses: the East Bay is not a place to leave on a summer weekend. After all, people come here to vacation. Still, it’s a great big world out there and there’s a lot to see, especially this weekend, with events happening all across the state and and a couple of