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Rick Norman, a mental health care advocate and peer support specialist who has struggled with depression his entire life, is working to reinforce the safety net for the tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders who battle mental illness.

Mental health advocacy in crisis

Mental health advocacy in crisis

Warren man offers a helping hand to depression sufferers, even as his support system slips away. Some days you just need to pick your battles. But there are the battles we pick, and there are others that, like it or not, pick us. Warren resident Rick Norman may not always feel like fighting his daily

Longtime Barrington resident Ruth Oppenheim, whose family emigrated from Germany to the United States following the outbreak of World War II.

The persistence of memory

More than 75 years after Nazi Germany stole her childhood, Barrington’s Ruth Oppenheim continues to speak out for the millions who cannot. The solemn anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was marked around the world last week, 70 years after Russian troops arrived to find some 7,000 starving and dying prisoners in a tableau of

Michael Benevides, Vice President of Portugalia, on the floor of the company's flagship Marketplace.

Portugalia Marketplace: a one-stop shop for a taste of the Azores (and beyond)

Portuguese food is good. It’s filling, familiar, comfort food. It’s rich, sometimes spicy, rib-stick, meat-on-your-bones, just-like-avo-used-to-make. Your cardiologist probably wishes you’d eat less of it, and maybe you will, next week, but this weekend there’s a festival and….you know how it goes. Portuguese food is a lot of things to the people in our region,


Durian defeats home cook in 3rd round K.O.

I have been defeated by a piece of fruit. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. No thin-skinned grape nor easily-bruised banana got the best of me. I wasn’t knocked out of the game by a delicate clementine or kumquat, nor am I deterred by hirsute kiwis or pomelos, with their pachyderm peels.

meeting w gov8

East Bay business leaders, innovators welcome 2015 with big plans, optimism

With just a handful of days remaining before General Treasurer Gina Raimondo takes over as Rhode Island’s chief executive on January 6, the governor-elect has been crossing the state, holding a series of meetings with business and community leaders in an effort to hear more about economic development efforts at the community level, as well