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Dave Peligan, the man behind The Spicy Penguin

Turning up the heat in Warren

Persistence and a willingness to take risks is the secret to success for this heat-loving “Penguin.” Sometimes, if you want something done right, you’ve just got to do it yourself. Hot sauce aficionado Dave Peligian took that idea, hatched with a buddy one night over a couple of beers, and ran with it. Their idea

Audrey Emerson

Student filmmaker acts globally

Little Compton feels like a world away, in both form and function, from most of Rhode Island. But for Audrey Emerson, a 20-year-old Little Compton native who is just finishing her second year of film school at the University of Southern California, it’s not so far from Little Compton to Tanzania, East Africa. A few

Ryan Bouchard, author of "Gourmet Mushrooms of Rhode Island," cozies up next to a cluster of Aspen Boletes.

Stalking the wild chicken (of the woods)

“You gotta pull over,” Ryan Bouchard recalls girlfriend Emily Schmidt telling him as and they drove down the road the day after taking a class on mushroom identification from fellow Rhode Islander Joe Metzen. Schmidt had caught a glimpse of a chicken of the woods, a large and vibrant-hued edible, known as the 60-mile-per-hour mushroom

Bethany Vendituoli, proprietor of Soul Love Children's Wellness Center in Bristol

Teach your children well(ness)

There’s a new business in Bristol, and it’s poised to fill a very unique niche. Soul Love Children’s Wellness Center teaches children life skills through mindfulness-based practices and creative self-expression. Utilizing a holistic health framework which integrates the whole child in body, mind and heart, Soul Love’s programs help to enhance children’s self-esteem, worth, acceptance,


Hot shot: human cannonball hits R.I. this week

“You can’t slow it down, and you can’t use a safety net. It’s terrifying,” Gemma Kirby, 25, says about he first time being shot 100 feet, 40 feet in the air, from a cannon. But if anyone has the foundation and fortitude to make a go at this most-niche-y niche of the performing arts, it’s

Ronnee Wasserman-United Brothers Synagogue9

A welcome homecoming

Bristol synagogue celebrates anniversary of founding, and re-founding, at special May 1 service. Houses of worship of all denominations are facing dwindling membership, but one Bristol congregation knows what its like to come back strong. Chevra Agudas Achim – The United Brothers synagogue – was chartered in 1900, making it the second-oldest synagogue in Rhode