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We Need More Women at the Plate

Watching Shane Victorino’s grand slam fly over the Green Monster was the perfect way to cap off the Red Sox pennant-winning season. Victorino came to Boston on a contract that seemed far too rich for his resume to join a team that performed way too poorly for what they were paid. While the team showed

The Math of Politics

Whether its sabermetrics, moneyball or just old fashioned batting statistics, applying math to baseball has provided Major League teams with an objective way to assess talent that goes beyond the “gut” of a veteran scouts and managers. It also provides endless (and often useless) material for the commentators who love to string together previously unrelated

Worst to first in playoffs and politics

One of the many reasons why I love baseball is because the season itself is an opponent. Players have to live and breathe baseball while getting along with their teammates for eight straight months—close to nine with the postseason. The teams that do well not only have great players, but good “clubhouse” people too. Not

Chafee’s Last Out

I have to admit that I dig Mariano Rivera. Aside from being the greatest closer of all time—and there is no close second—his giant smile tells me that he loves the game and is grateful to have had the opportunity to play for as long as he has. He announced his retirement earlier this year

Rhode Island leading the league

It’s a good thing that Alex Rodriguez doesn’t play in Detroit. As the city struggles through the early stages of bankruptcy, baseball’s top diva has been whining that the latest revelations about his use of banned substances and the subsequent cover up is driven by the Yankees’ desire to rid themselves of his ridiculous contract.

Narrowing the Strike Zone

It must be infuriating for batters to see the strike zone expand, giving pitchers the opportunity to get outs they don’t deserve. Last week we saw David Ortiz get a strike called on a pitch that was not even close and the pitcher ended up with a out he did not earn. A Big Papi-style

Turn cameras off for this streaker

A few times each season, some chucklehead decides to jump onto the field and try to make himself famous with a streak across Fenway’s expansive green lawn. Never seen this? That’s because the TV cameras don’t show the streaker. In an effort to deter fame-seekers, the cameras will show anything but the distraction on the

How to Score a $75 Million Error

I am sure that Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman is a bit envious of Rhode Island right now. In 2010, our General Assembly made a $75 million error with 38 Studios and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. In 2007, the Yankees made an even bigger mistake by giving Alex Rodriguez a $275 million 10-year