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Getting out of our potholes

While elected officials have the ability to enact laws, institute policies and make regulations, sports stars and actors can make the media, and the masses, pay attention to the issues that they care about. As the debate over legalizing marijuana in Rhode Island has sparked up — primarily with the help of Governor Chafee’s “pot

Switching Teams

For the first time in his career as a professional baseball player, Jacoby Ellsbury is no longer a member of the Boston Red Sox. While we know he has 153 million reasons and seven years to think about it, do you think there are any pangs of regret about switching loyalties? Me neither — baseball

First, just show up

That pesky groundhog saw his shadow and we’ll be looking at snow and slush for several more weeks here in New England. I don’t mind though because the real harbinger of spring — the day when pitchers and catchers report — has arrived right on time. Unlike years past when Red Sox fans spent the

The only game in town

For many of us, the Superbowl is less about crowning a football champion and more about getting back to baseball. About halfway through the game my thoughts turned to the pitchers and catchers making their way to Florida to open spring training camps this week. I freely admit that long before Peyton Manning mumbled his

Everyone needs to ride the bus

As boys grow up with dreams of playing professional baseball, I doubt that many of them think longingly of time they’ll spend on a bus between minor league cities like Pawtucket and Scranton. However, this is the experience that most players in professional baseball will have and they don’t get to shag flies in Fenway

Modern day Goofus and Gallant

When I was growing up, my favorite part of going to see the dentist was reading “Highlights for Children” magazine in the waiting room. In addition to catching up with the Timbertoes family, I loved cringing at “Goofus and Gallant” and seeing how one boy could never get it right while the other always knew

True fans only hear what they want to hear

Last week’s revelation that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration may have used a traffic study to create gridlock and exact some political revenge have grabbed  big headlines across the country. Some have speculated that these allegations could lead to criminal charges and that they could surely tank his possible White House bid in 2016.

Are all politics still local?

In our house, most televised Red Sox games are at least a four-hour adventure. There’s pre-game, the game itself and then post-game coverage (“Extra Innings” followed by “Extra Innings Extra.”) I watch it all and love to chuckle at some of the ridiculous and nonsensical responses that players give to the media. One of my

New year, same issues

However short-lived, feelings of hope and optimism ring in the New Year. The gym is full of people determined to lose weight while politicians and baseball players are getting set for a long season. As the calendar changes, the Rhode Island General Assembly will reconvene on January 7 with plenty on its plate for 2014.