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Play by the rules

While most Rhode Islanders don’t deal with debilitating traffic on a daily basis, almost everyone can remember an epic traffic tie-up they sat through at one point or another. When I lived in the D.C. area, I can remember several that were weather related (like a midday snowstorm) or beyond our control (the 9/11 attacks).

Score one for the terrorists

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris, much of the world has responded with one voice, saying “Je Suis Charlie” in support of those journalists who were murdered by radicalized Muslim terrorists. Nearly four million people walked with leaders from around the world in a unity march. Those leaders included British Prime Minister

Are we ready for a comeback?

We all remember how it happened: after the disastrous 2012 season, the Red Sox assembled a team in 2013 that went from last in the league to first and became World Series Champions. With veterans, rookies and seven free agents from around the league, a team was built that not only competed, but won. Can

Teams that make us proud

The year 2014 will be remembered as one most Red Sox fans would like to forget. A miserable record and a weak follow up to the 2013 championship left many of us feeling relieved that the painful season was over. Time will tell if we look back and say it was the year we “lost

The real Green Monster

I like to think that baseball is a game to watch and enjoy, but the truth is that professional baseball is a business. For as much as we’d like to believe that players have an affinity for the club, the city or the fan base, the reality is that they shouldn’t get sentimental about their

Are we entering a post-sexist era in politics?

It’s clear that baseball has changed since the steroid era of the late ‘90s when “juice” fueled Sammy Sosa and Mark Maguire battled it out to kill the home run record. Today, baseball heroes can come in small packages — like Dustin Pedroia — and hitting 30 home runs is a successful season. While there

There’s no team in Obama

The weeks between the end of an election and the start of a new congress are filled with activities similar to those going on behind the scenes with a major league baseball team. Returning players are taking time off before the new season and the leadership is putting together plans for the next year. Upcoming

Looking beyond the Munson-Nixon line

This spring the New York Times featured a fabulous interactive map that used Facebook data to show where support for each Major League Baseball teams is strongest. Not surprisingly, Rhode Island is filled with Red Sox fans and we are just one shade off the deepest shade of red clustered around Boston. In the middle

The ballgame is over

Leaving Fenway at the end of the season can be a depressing experience. Several years ago I stayed for the last out of the last game not because they were headed to the playoffs but just to be there at the end. It was cold, they lost the game and that mood numbing song “hum

Get off the bench and vote

For people who work in and around politics, a general election is like jamming four World Series into thirteen hours but only finding out whether you scored any runs after the game is over. It’s a long day at the end of a long campaign and can turn into a long night if things aren’t