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Making a run at the hall of fame

Last weekend Red Sox great Pedro Martinez was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was a fan favorite in Boston while he was a player and thrilled superfans when he returned to Boston and took a job with the organization in 2013. He was a dominant pitcher, baffling batters with his blazing fastball

‘Tis the season for superfans

The baseball season is a long one and when the Sox are in a particularly gruesome stretch, I often think of my friends who root for teams like the San Diego Padres or the Milwaukee Brewers. For them, almost every season feels like a futile undertaking and to make matters worse they have no World Series

Better results ahead

This year the All-Star break provides a short respite from the day-to-day grind of wondering whether this Red Sox team will ever peek out of the basement of the AL East. We have had short streaks of good games, followed by some so-so games and a few stinkers thrown in between painful losses. We are

Time for the game to end

At the end of a game at Fenway, there are two possible soundtracks: “Dirty Water” after a win and a humming funereal do-dah-duh-duh song. This song was probably commissioned by the Red Sox and scientifically proven to drive down blood pressure and prevent people from rioting after a particularly hideous loss. There’s been a lot

Hitting rock bottom

That high-pitched scraping noise you hear is the sound of the Boston Red Sox hitting rock bottom. In recent memory, we’ve been worst and we’ve been first, but since 2003 the team has always seemed like it could be one win away from an extended win streak. I will be happy to eat my words,

Another also ran

I’ve been “horsey” all my life, but have a similar watch-through-my fingers approach to thoroughbred racing as I do for Red Sox playoff games. Racing has incredible highs and lows and for as exciting as it was to have American Pharoah win the Triple Crown, there are tens of thousands of “also rans” whose careers

Making the right investments

If you’ve spent any time watching the Red Sox this year, you’ve probably caught yourself chanting “we need a pitcher, not a belly itcher”. You are not alone. While Porcello and Buccholz have been decent, I have been left with the feeling that the Red Sox should have invested more money in the offseason to

Seeing where the game is played

Whenever I go to a baseball game I love to see children when they catch sight of the field for the first time. It’s not a “Field of Dreams” moment because I don’t think they are so much mesmerized by the grass or fascinated by the game. They’re usually thinking “how’d they get THIS in

Not sweating the sweep

The Yankees swept the Red Sox at Fenway this weekend and I awoke to my favorite Yankee fan’s predictable taunt, “bet that hurt.” My response: nope, not really. With three championships in recent memory, there’s not much to whine about even if we get trounced by the evil empire and have a starting rotation that’s

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