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Seeing where the game is played

Whenever I go to a baseball game I love to see children when they catch sight of the field for the first time. It’s not a “Field of Dreams” moment because I don’t think they are so much mesmerized by the grass or fascinated by the game. They’re usually thinking “how’d they get THIS in

Not sweating the sweep

The Yankees swept the Red Sox at Fenway this weekend and I awoke to my favorite Yankee fan’s predictable taunt, “bet that hurt.” My response: nope, not really. With three championships in recent memory, there’s not much to whine about even if we get trounced by the evil empire and have a starting rotation that’s

Hooking foul

The Pawtucket Red Sox opened their season under a cloud. Fans of Pawtucket know that this is likely the second-to-last home opener at McCoy and all Rhode Islanders are hearing the clock ticking on this beloved franchise remaining in state. When the new owners of the minor league franchise that will soon-be-formerly-known as the Pawtucket

Tossing us a screwball

While I know that baseball can be slow — and I admit to sometimes dozing off during late innings — baseball is exciting because that you never know where or when the action might happen. Whether it’s an unlikely hero with a walk-off home run or a surprise no-hitter, baseball can offer surprises every game.

The migration begins

With snow lingering in our yards, it’s hard to believe the baseball season begins this weekend. As the team returns to Boston next week, they are among the first “locals” to return from the winter spent down south. Other migrating types include Ruby Throated hummingbirds and American goldfinches — lovely little birds that spend their

Keeping up with the times

You don’t need to be an avid baseball fan to know about Pete Rose. An incredibly talented (most hits all time at 4,256), durable (played in 3,562 games, the most for any MLB player) and versatile player (appeared in 17 all-star games at five different positions) with a gambling problem, Rose was given a lifetime

Opening day on another field of play

Opening Day is just around the corner and for rabid baseball fans, it’s like Christmas and the Fourth of July rolled into one. Opening Day represents the start of the 162 game season that gives many of us something to look forward to and plan around every day. It’s also the only day in the

Time to clear the Fox(es) from the henhouse

The return of baseball — at least to the lush-looking diamonds of Florida — is always good news. It means that “there’s always next year” is now “this year” and that we can count down the days until we’ve got real games in Pawtucket and Boston to enjoy. Unfortunately, the other news this week seems

Pawtucket Red Sox mascot Paws (left) high-fives fans from atop the dugout before the PawSox game during Futures at Fenway.

Why Not Providence?

Before the 2004 Red Sox won the World Series, modern day Red Sox fans were among the most pessimistic, dour and grumpy fans in sports. We might cheer wildly and then curse colorfully over the same play, knowing that great highs and bone-crushing lows were just part of following our beloved team. Since the great