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Music review: Def Leppard ‘VIVA! Hysteria – Live at the Joint, Las Vegas’

Music review: Def Leppard ‘VIVA! Hysteria – Live at the Joint, Las Vegas’

My best friend in high school had an older brother who had already turned us on to Def Leppard’s “On Through The Night” and “High And Dry” albums. So when “Pyromania” was released we were already well versed in the band and what they could do. Overnight everyone in my high school starting wearing union

A Conversation with Marc Lopes

“What would Bruce do?” In the pantheon of New England metal bands, when I was coming of age in this business, there was one band that stood apart from the rest. In 1992 there was really only one powerhouse local metal act: Hammersmyth. “In a dark room” was a triumph of the local music scene.

Catching up with 94HJY’s Scarpetti

Recently, I interviewed Scarpetti from 94 whjy. He handles the metal zone show which is dedicated to playing the best national and local heavy metal. He also does the Sunday night local show, Sound check. Both programs are excellent ways for local artists in the metal community to get their music heard. I found him

Martin’s Music Montage

Carmine Appice: ‘I would love to record with Led Zeppelin’ One of the most iconic rock and roll drummers in the world, Carmine Appice has played with Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd, Blue Murder, King Kobra, Vanilla fudge, and Cactus, to name a select few. His passion for music and his art is unparalleled. I had

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