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Yes, it’s legal. But is it ethical?

Two stories last week illustrate the adage that what may be legal isn’t necessarily ethical. Indeed, two men, both Democrat operatives, engaged in tawdry tricks during an election. Their respective chest-thumping about their purported vindication or soon to be vindication show just how far these pillars of society have fallen. Case number one involves Robert

Name-brand politics

When I read earlier this month that Liz Cheney, former Vice President **** Cheney’s elder daughter, had withdrawn her primary challenge of an incumbent, it got me thinking about how much a family name influences Rhode Island politics. I am a believer that unless the candidate is a complete train wreck, his pedigree influences voters

Headliners’ New Year’s resolutions

Yes, I know it’s a bit cheeky to suggest New Year’s resolutions for other people, particularly when the ones I should make would fill a phone directory. Yet, looking on the bright side, I won’t be responsible for keeping any of them. So, here they are. President Barack Obama Don’t take a “selfie” no matter

Here we go again

The Republican-controlled legislature in Oklahoma authorized the placement of a privately-funded monument on the Capitol grounds. The Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit seeking its removal. Meanwhile, according to the Associated Press, a wide range of religious groups — including Satanists — are now seeking to put their own

Holidays should bring out the best in people

Thank heavens I was fortified by the superb performance of “Miracle on 34th Street, the Musical,” being performed through December 29 at the Ocean State Theatre. It was, indeed, a miracle, in Warwick! The cast was in top vocal form, and the set design and costumes were first-rate. I left the theatre full of Christmas

The case against high school football

“A visitor entering an American high school would likely be confronted, first of all, with a trophy case. His examination of the trophies would reveal  a curious fact: The gold and silver cups, with rare exception, symbolize victory in athletic contests not academic ones …. Altogether, the trophy case would suggest to the innocent visitor

A tale of two mayors

One is an announced candidate for Lieutenant Governor; the other is exploring whether he will run for the slot being vacated by a term-limited Elizabeth Roberts. Mayor Daniel McKee of Cumberland has tossed his proverbial hat in the ring; the other contender is former North Providence Mayor and present Secretary of State, Ralph Mollis. The

Local city investment boards don’t have a clue

Earlier this month, Eyewitness News did an investigative study spearheaded by Tim White and Ted Nesi. The reporters focused on locally-managed pension funds and their rates of return and fees. In all, 24 municipalities manage plans for municipal workers, and the results of this investigation show that many investment boards don’t have a clue as

Low expectations plague R.I. Motor Vehicles Division

Walt Buteau, a Target 12 Investigator, reported last week that the R.I. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a written policy which allows the cashiers who handle transactions to be off up to $25.00 every day in their registers. The policy initially was just fine with the department administrator. He told the reporter that the