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Say what??

Kudos to GoLocalProv and reporter Arielle Confino who recently investigated whether our candidates for Governor put their money where their respective mouths are. Each candidate speaks rhapsodically about creating jobs in Rhode Island. Yet, when it comes to where they put their donors dollars, with less than 3 weeks away from the primary, 72 percent

When good people do bad things

With such outrageous events occurring across the globe lately, we are left pondering what it is about human nature that could explain the evil we all witness. From our youth, we probably were left debating whether people were basically good or bad. Perhaps people are worse than we think when we witness the somewhat minor

Is this the worst Congress ever?

On August 2, the two Republican congressional contenders who wish to dispatch incumbent Representative David Cicilline to the locker room appeared on “Newmakers.” Both gentlemen, Cormack Lynch and Stan Tran, acquitted themselves well. As I listened to their respective thoughtful responses I kept asking myself why either of these men would even want to go

Stop the destruction

Last week I wrote  about how Congress and the President have only exacerbated the problem of immigration and have defaulted on their   obligations, which have led to frustrated citizens vetting their anger at children and mothers crossing the border. I was reminded by a reader of the remarks made by former Governor Dick Lamm on

Poseurs and poppycock = politicians

Poseur: A person who pretends to be what he or she is not; or a person who attempts to impress others by assuming an affect or sentiment other than his or her true feeling. Do you know any poseurs? Here are who should be high on your list, namely, those phonies who populate the White

On having the attention span of a gnat

Opinion writer Dana Milbank (Washington Post, July 11) is correct. The entire political world today is a stage. Our national dialogue has become a series of one-act plays; each runs for a week or two, the critics offer up their reviews of the President’s performance, and then the  play closes just as quickly. Here’s some

Love is never having to say I’m sorry

It was a harbinger that Ali McGraw’s character, a resident of Cranston in “Love Story”, opined that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. Who would have thought that years later this 1970 quote would apparently be the guideline of Rhode Island’s quasi-public agencies and the state that continue to hire the same alleged

Some things seem foolish that aren’t

We’ve all heard the grumbling. Why are the legislators on Smith Hill focusing on whether calamari should be the official state appetizer? “Do some real work” a skeptical public asserted. Yet Representative Joseph McNamara (D-Warwick) was right in pushing this legislation. Many places, like Louisiana with their oysters, beignets and po’ boys, have used food

A legislative score card

Now that the General Assembly has adjourned for the year, a look back on some of its actions reveals a mixed bag of accomplishments. GOOD The General Assembly passed some tax reform by lowering the corporate tax rate from 9 to 7 percent and by capturing taxes on out-of-state corporate activities related to their in-state

When are we going to get this?

Thanks to a fine investigative review by GoLocalProv (June 5) of the Auditor General’s recent report, we now know that the state continues to make the same millions of dollars’ mistakes when it comes to accounting for federal monies. In fact, 16 out of 17 mistakes were repeat offenses and 11 of those were ranked