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How good ideas lose their groove

On the one hand, the Democrats think that the voters are geniuses because they keep returning them to office. On the other hand, they think they are also stupid because Ma and Pa can’t be trusted with making “enlightened” decisions when it comes to spending money. Want some evidence? Here it is. The Governor proposed

Five trillion pieces of plastic, floating near you

Now that the beach and boating seasons are upon us, I was particularly struck by an article in Popular Science (June 2015). The magazine published  the results of a consortium of 12 research institutions which calculated the extent of ocean pollution. “The ocean is covered by a thin layer of plastic…like plastic smog.” The pieces

Let’s fix the transportation culture

Governor Gina Raimondo unveiled an ambitious plan which would allow the expenditure of $900 million additional dollars for reconstruction and other  bridge work through the RI Bridge and Turnpike Authority and thereby avoid any taxpayer vote on the bond issue. Any sane person   would not debate the woeful  condition  of this state’s infrastructure. What is

Consultant reports are works of fiction

Quick! Can you remember the last consultant report to back a project here in Rhode Island that actually was correct? Sorry! That’s a trick question. I don’t think that there is one. CONVENTION CENTER—The backers of this project said that the Center would not cost a dime. Technically, that’s probably correct since by the time

Are taxpayers being represented?

Last week a series of proposals floated around the General Assembly. See if it’s your pocketbook that is being protected: ITEM: North Kingstown Fire Department The Rhode Island Supreme Court  ruled that  the town of North Kingstown could restructure the work hours of its firefighters in order to save taxpayer money without running afoul of

The field of schemes continues

Here we go again! Despite the recent Providence Journal headline “Raimondo: stadium deal still possible this legislative session,” there is no way on God’s green earth that any Paw Sox proposal should be adopted, if at all, in this legislative session that will end in a few weeks. The environmental issues alone are massive! The

Violet: Hillary Clinton is ethically challenged

I’d like to think that I am a big supporter of women in politics, regardless of the party banner. I also harbor a hope that there would be a female president during my lifetime. Hillary Clinton has the credentials in spades, except for one quality. She seems to be ethically challenged. My unrest with her

Violet: Stick the needle in Tiverton’s arm

Good grief! Here we go again! The Twin River Management Group wants to shut down the Newport Grand slots parlor and build a casino in Tiverton. The logic is that by building a facility near the Massachusetts border  gambling revenue that flows through RI will be barricaded there.  Says who? Conspicuously absent from the press

Here comes another bean ball

How can something be called a “private project” when taxpayers would have to cough up $65 million more than the owners “alleged” private capital investment as well as cover that amount, too? The razzle dazzle has already begun about the construction of an $85 million Triple AAA ball park complete with a parking garage and

No good deed goes unpunished

I sometimes wonder about the mentality of some Rhode Islanders when   they attack another citizen for his perfectly plausible argument about a public issue. This recently happened to Alan Hassenfeld. The gentleman dared to express his opinion that the governor’s proposal to introduce a state property tax for non-owner occupied second homes worth more than