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Marijuana law change raises concerns in Barrington

Twenty people arrested by Barrington police for possession of marijuana-first offense this year would have only been levied a fine if a new law that decriminalizes small amounts of the substance had been in place since January. According to information provided by the local police department, there were 24 total arrests for possession of marijuana-first

Volunteers needed for community garden

To the editor: As you may have heard, there is a plan to turn part of Vitullo Farm and surrounding woodland into community gardens and ecological education trails. The community garden will be for Barrington residents and I am writing to ask for volunteers to help make this community space uniquely our own. There are

More important issues deserve attention

To the editor: Government should focus on substantive matters, especially at the local level. Is the paper versus plastic decision a substantive issue in Barrington? I think not. As a border town, unless Massachusetts opts to outlaw plastic, the impact of the decision to outlaw plastic bags in Barrington will be marginal at best. I

One ounce of marijuana can cost dearly

To the editor: A recent cartoon in the newspaper following the decriminalization of marijuana in Rhode Island depicted a person standing next to a surfboard size joint. While this may seem funny or be a cause for celebration for some, it is also a grim reminder of what a “small amount” of marijuana actually means.

Joe Fletcher

Warren man realizes dream of playing Newport Folk Fest

Joe Fletcher cocks his head at Joe Principe, his upright bass player, with a hard stare that seems to say, C’mon, man … let’s get this right. Fletcher’s band, The Wrong Reasons, is working over a song inside an old Providence mill that now rents out space to artists and musicians. The room is only