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Nightwing DLC brings an amazing new character to Batman Arkham City

Nightwing DLC brings an amazing new character to Batman Arkham City

The first DLC pack for Batman Arkham City brought one of my favorite Batman heros to Arkham City. The Nightwing DLC pack brings a completely new playable character, Nightwing. With his own fighting style and moves, players get a whole new experience in Arkham City but is it worth the $6.99 price tag. Sort of.

Cosplay Warrior costume pack now available for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

Today Capcom has released the DLC pack for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record. Inspired by gamers, comic fans, and anime enthusiasts all over the world, Frank can now don facepaint and homemade armor with the Cosplay Warrior costume pack. With increased PP generation and a new attack added to your skillset when using the

Game of Thrones the game coming to PC and consoles early 2012

ATLUS, in collaboration with HBO and Cyanide Studios, today unveiled North American publishing plans for “Game of Thrones,” an action RPG based on the internationally bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire series of books by George R. R. Martin and critically acclaimed HBO television series, Game of Thrones.  Launching worldwide in early 2012, the

Three new holiday specials at

Three new specials have been announced for the Holiday seasons. EA has released three new specials that will surely get fans in the mood for Holiday shopping. See the deals below and head over to before these specials end. Special One Bring the Sims Collection home for the holidays for $179.99 (Original price $309.98).

Two new DLC packs released for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record.

Today Capcom released two new DLC packs for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record. Firefighter Skills Pack The first is the Fire Fighter skills pack. This pack allows players to save survivors faster, kick doors down, walk through fire and wield the fire axe with an overall upgrade. The Firefighter Skills Pack gives you: •


Trine 2 website launches with 18 new screenshots

ATLUS and Frozenbyte, the respective publisher and developer of the upcoming Trine 2 has launched the official website for the game, complete with a host of new assets and information for the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most successful downloadable games. The official website offers a sampling of the monsters and many environments

New Chef Skills Pack now available for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

The second DLC pack for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record is available today and is sure to satisfy. “Fire up the grill and become everyone’s favorite meat man with the BBQ CHEF skill pack. Get beefier attacks with the knife and cleaver, gain more health from delicious meats, cause bigger explosions to charbroil any

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