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Part 3 of the behind-the-scenes series for RAGE

Part 3 of the behind-the-scenes series for RAGE

The third video in the six part behind-the-scenes series for RAGE – “The Arsenal”. In this video, the team at id Software discuss the various weapons, ammo types, and gadgets you’ll come across in the RAGE wasteland.   RAGE features intense first-person shooter action, breakneck vehicle combat, an expansive world to explore and jaw-dropping graphics

Capcom to attend Comic-Con 2011

Capcom will be in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 with an incredible line-up of activities and special surprises. Capcom will once again be located at booth #4844 which is sure to be a can’t miss hub of activity for fans:  playable demos of the upcoming 2011/2012 line-up of games, daily tournaments, signing sessions, and

Will we see online gaming with Google+

Google has recently released it’s answer to the social media giant Facebook with it’s own social platform Google+. Similar to Facebook, Google+ allows you to share your thoughts, photos and videos with friends and other personal connections but in a clean, streamlined interface. Features are limited now with more options becoming available with the full

Alice: Madness Returns is a trippy ride down the rabbit hole

“Alice: Madness Returns” is a sharp looking game from EA and Spicy Horse that combines a steady pace, interesting plot and easy to use weapon system in a solid, quality title. This is the sequel to the critically acclaimed “American McGee’s Alice, a PC title released in 2000. Both installments take place in an alternative

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