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I have a word to pick with you

I have a word to pick with you

If you haven’t heard of Zynga then you must be Amish. Zynga is the publisher of some of the most successful Facebook games. Farmville, Frontierville and cityville are just a few of their monster hits. They have released a few of their Facebook games for the iPhone but haven’t had the success that they have

Conquering China can be such a bore

“Dynasty Warrior 7” is the latest release in this 14–year–old franchise. Released by Tecmo Koei, “Dynasty Warrior 7” lets you control some of China’s most deadliest of warriors. You must command your highly trained army to defeat your enemies and reunite ancient China. You have two game modes to choose from – story mode and

The worst game ever comes to iPhone

Boasted as the worst video game ever release, Paper Wars puts you at the controls of a rust-buck of tank. Blast wave after wave of soldiers ensuring victory for your forces. Paper Wars became a hit for PS3 and PSP due to its addictive gameplay and cheesy-but-fun style. Now, when I first launched this game,

Superhero brawler is strictly for kids

“Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet” is a third-person action game based on the hit Cartoon Network series. Geared toward younger gamers, your favorite heroes have child-like appearances with a more innocent dialog and watered-down violence. The story begins with Hulk and Iron Man picking up Thor’s birthday gift. They discover that Thanos is